2018 Toyota Estima

2018 Toyota Estima Review

2018 Toyota Estima Release Date, Price, Interior, Specs – Making its appearance soon is the new redesigned Toyota Estima vehicle. It is a popular minivan produced by Toyota which is one of its top selling brand in recent years. The car is particularly popular in its home country and a very nice addition to everyone’s home, particularly if you have a big family who likes going on trips together. This time the vehicle comes largely updated for its 2018 model year and has a better new and aggressive look that adds a lot of style points to the vehicle.

As the name Estima is mainly popular in Japan, some people might know it as the Previa, in other countries, or the Tarago, we are looking at you Australia. Well whatever you call it the idea is that the car will be remodeled and its new appearance is aimed to attract people from other parts, not just Japan. This car has always been a popular choice in its own country but failed to make a bigger presence in other parts of the world. With the new revamped model we are expecting that the Estima will become much more popular in other parts of the globe.

Just by looking at the picture of the new Toyota Estima you see how much the car has changed for the better. Its new exterior is very attractive and will be available till the end of the year. Of course, the car will first hit Japan and then it will be released in other markets in the world. The release date will be set after the Japan unveiling and we assume that the exact price will be set then as well.

2018 Toyota Estima exterior redesign

The first thing that has been changed is the configuration of the exterior part of the Estima, which is much more forceful and aggressive than before. The new front part of the car is just the start of its changes as it has received a totally new grille with rearranged headlights. The front part is an initial part of the change and is what defines the look of the Estima minivan. The front lights include LED daytime running lights, mist lights and an etched guard. The wheels have been revised as well and the newly added side mirrors are also something new.

At the back, the taillights have also been changed in accordance with the front ones and there is a new spoiler and diffuser matted at the back side. There is a new choice in wheels which come as part of the offer as well. Some of the greatest change is actually one which is the most superficial and it concerns the wheelbase of the car. As it has been altered a bit it can now support a more extensive profile of the car will strengthen the general low-threw profile by additionally enhancing the air motion of the minivan. Let’s not forget that a sunroof is added as well.


Inside the car you can expect some additional comfort. Actually the comfort is added to the additional space that the car has due to the change of the wheelbase of the Estima. There is substantially more space particularly headroom and legroom which results in a much more comfortable setup and a comfortable ride. But there are also some new upholsteries which have a great quality and are very comfortable to use. They go really well with the car and are a joy to ride in.

The dashboard is going to be made similarly as in a plane cockpit. A pretty interesting design if you ask us as it enables you to concentrate on the driving and not tamper too much with the unnecessary things during the trip. But there are some well added gadgets to support the entire entertainment within the car. It all starts with the new infotainment system which also includes push button ignition, Bluetooth and sound network, new frameworks and even more. A great way to ride and great way to entertain your kids during a trip.

Engine setup

Under the hood of the 2018 Toyota Estima model is a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine which is combined with a five speed transmission system. This is great as it enables better fuel efficiency and has more power now than before, making the car a lot more effective than it even was. It can produce 170 hp and comes with a 2WD and a 4WD style. It fuel stats say that it is quite fit to make it at least 20 km on one liter of gas which are very good fuel ratings for a very useful minivan.

Release date and price

The car is going to be out this year in the Japanese market and will be available till the very end of 2015. But there have been no official updates on when the release date is going to be for other parts of the world or other markets. We estimate it being available till mid 2018 the lease. The price will also be known upon the release and for now we are certain that it is going to be priced around 33,000 USD.

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