2018 Toyota FT-1

2018 Toyota FT-1 Review

2018 Toyota FT-1 Release Date, Msrp, Price, Specs – A future car by Toyota has been announced and will be dubbed the Toyota FT-1. This is going to be a 2018 model of the car and will expand on the previously released car in 2015. The vehicle promises to bring innovations to the lineup and enhance the poplar FT-1 model that Toyota has been trying to popularize. Immediately based on the sneak peak and the spy photos that were previously released, the FT-1 might just achieve that, but we have still to receive the official release ate information to add to our review.

Actually it was the concept for this car that has started to cause noise at first as it promised a very interesting design and approach by Toyota. What Toyota started to tease us with are the enhancements in technology which the car will receive and it includes both on the inside of the car and under its hood as well. What Toyota might do with this model is to tighten its grip on the market even more than it has till now and the FT-1 will certainly increase the profit margins for Toyota this year.

As we are still mostly working on unofficial information we do not have that much to go on, So in order to bring you our review we had to dig deep in order to find the needed data but also had to add some of our personal assumptions. As we will eagerly be awaiting the release date for the 2018 year model of the FT-1 by Toyota our minds will be firmly set on learning as much as possible about this car.

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The exterior design promises to be a high performance piece of technology. The car has been futuristically designed and will be mostly based on its concept that was previously showcased. The only change compared with the concept that you have no doubt already seen is that this one is going to be softened for the market a bit, so a little toned down on the flashiness and extravagance but a car that promises excitant and adventure as well.

Looking at the car from the front you may notice the two intakes that have been added just at the bumper. With the two ventilation fans it does not only make a useful feature for the cooling down of the car but it also manages to come about as an aesthetic feature as well which works perfectly with the overall concept of the car.

Both in the front and at the rear you may see the LED light technology additions that fit the bill greatly for the FT-1 car. Combine with the entire feel of the car and you will get a futuristic machine that is no doubt going to perform a great deal better than most of the cars on the market. It is going to be matted on some 19 inch wheels which finishes the entire exterior design job.

Interior Design

As there have not been many information to go on the inside of the FT-1, nor has Toyota managed to release decent pictures up so far, we will have to go on some scarcely gathered facts and assumptions here. The fact actually is that there is going to be a change with the control cluster which was featured in the previous cars from Toyota and a return to the dial system is expected opposed to fitting the car with a LCD screen found, for instance, in a LFA car.

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What we assume is that the car is going to match the outside and fit the inside with some very nice and very good features and comfort additions. We are sue that leather upholsteries are in order for an extravagant car like this and other technological inclusions will just complete the entire picture here. The car cannot pass without a satellite navigation system and an automatic climate control, while entertainment features are still a blur.

Engine of Toyota FT-1

The previous model of the Toyota FT-1 had a 2.6 liter twin turbo inline 6 engine under its hood. But the 2018 is certainly going beyond than that. The choice fell upon the BMW developed inline 4 this time which will be a nice substitute. The car has a nice jump as it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph much faster than before and can reach the top speed of 180 mph. The power is somewhere around 380 and 400 horsepower, which is a massive kick from this pony, and an additional 420 lb-ft of torque. The semi automatic gearbox, with weight balance shifted to the front where the engine lies and the add rear wheel drive makes the Toyota FT-1 perfect sports vehicle.

2018 Toyota FT-1 – Price and release date

When the car gets officially released it is going to send shock waves around the automotive industry. Despite the fact that we are still missing the official release date that will arrive soon the excitement is going to be high for this car. According to the rumors and the price of he previous model do not expect a lesser price than 100.000 US dollars.

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