2018 Toyota Harrier

2018 Toyota Harrier Overview

2018 Toyota Harrier Release Date, Price, Specs, Review – The newest Toyota Harrier 2018 model is going to be the third generation model that the Japanese automaker is producing. The newest SUV vehicle from Toyota’s lineup is a stellar car with wonderful performance specs and a car that is going go be one of the more promising ones this year. The looks give it immediately away as a perfect mid-size SUV which can become greater than it was previously perceived of being.

We assume that it is going to be quite a decent selling car immediately after its release date which is predicted to be announced till the end of this or mid next year. Some of the characteristics that grace the new Harrier vehicle is that is perhaps the richest one from the Toyota lineup. It holds various attributes and technology upgrades that cannot be found in other cars.

The look is what sells it and as viewed from the pictures it is really a nice one. The 2018 Toyota Harrier Hybrid, as it is officially called, will make its debut this year and the release date is going to be announced at the beginning of the next one so we are hoping on seeing the Harrier in action in the middle of next year at least and see its performance directly on the roads.

2018 Toyota Harrier price

The Harrier is a truly high end vehicle and one that promises a lot of excitement to the drivers. Its selling point is its look and the price that has already been set for it is not an affordable one but it is a price that goes with this car and it is well worth the money that they are asking for. The bottom line comes to 50.000 USD for owning the newest Toyota Harrier vehicle.

Interior Design

The interior design of the new Harrier vehicle is certainly a space shuttle like one. The high end interior design has been designed to match the outside of the car. Not only will people get to stare on the car’s exterior but they will see how truly the car is great once they enter inside. It is going to be a five seat SUV with large levels of comfort inside which has been made sure with the addition of comfortable materials inside and new seats that were specially produced.

The technological upgrade is an astounding one as the Harrier holds a large bag of goodies. The reshaped control panel is a great addition to the new interior that the car has received and the usefulness and the security systems have largely been enhanced this way. The added parking sensors are a good way to help enhance the safety with the addition of an LCD rear view mirror display. At the dashboard you will notice a unique layout with the dashboard created to follow the steering wheel. Also, the arch-roofed control board has touch sensitive electrostatic buttons added as well. We topped it all off with an amazing stereo system as well.


An entire facelift has been done to the exterior look of the newest 2018 Toyota Harrier. The car looks high end and very stylish and both the front and back part have been restyled to fit the bill. The front and tail shades were enhanced in order to enhance the sideways profile of the car. You may noticed that the front end is a bit smoother, well this is because the front guard has been redesigned to fit the quarter columns which incline a bit more forward. Added are also the LED lights and combo lights as well and both have been designed to incline a bit forward and fit other parts of the car that way.

The car rolls on some 18-inch wheels which give it more confidence and make the look of the car even more devastating like that. It is a real confidence booster and the redesigned grille supports all of this very nicely. It is finished off with some chrome assets that go hand in hand with the entire design. Finally, the materials of the car that are used are very light. They enhance the speed of the car and make the handling much better.


The newest Harrier will also have a great engine to support the great look. Fueling the car is a 2.5 liter hybrid engine that can muster up to 152 horsepower at 6000 RPM and 142 pounds of torque per feet. Besides the petrol motor that the car has there are two electric ones added to the powertrain as well. Added is the all-wheel drive and front wheel drive as well which is supported by a CVT programmed transmission. And this wonderful Hybrid will also have some great fuel economy stats, with a combined level of 51 mpg.

Release date – 2018 Toyota Harrier

The release date for the Japanese market is set for the January of 2018. The people in America will have to wait a bit more as the car is going to be available there in February when the release date is set.

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