2018 Toyota Vellfire

2018 Toyota Vellfire Review

2018 Toyota Vellfire Release Date, Price, Specs, Review – Along with the release of the Aplhard minivan model of Toyota comes in the Toyota Vellfire trim for the 2018 model year. The car comes out as an additional trim of the popular minivan product of Toyota and is the most sportiest version in the lineup available. Having the premise of being the sportiest minivan vehicle in Toyota’s minivan roster, it certainly will get many interests from the people and much acclaim as soon as it is released.

The newest Vellfire is going to have much of its features carried over from its previous model. But this of course does not mean that it is going to be a completely same vehicle as before. The sportier look that this minivan has will be enhanced by some changes that will grace this newest model. There are some more exterior paintjobs available which can provide an entirely new feel and a great addition to the car’s exterior look but the specs and performance are going to go through some changes as well.

The car is expected to be released by the end of the year or the lease at the beginning of the next. The photos that we provide you prove what the car promises to bring and what it stands for. The name of the car is a combination of the words “velvet” and “fire” and it is truly something that looks pretty sensitive but has a massive fiery heart inside it.

2018 Toyota Vellfire exterior

The new Vellfire can of course best be compared with its brother or counterpart, the Toyota Alphard. But in fact the new 2018 Toyota Vellfire is a more sportier version of it and this new one is endowed to provide power and innovation as well. The car certainly looks the part for it and has a great redesign that will interest the fans the most. What the makers in Toyota have had in mind is to modernize the vehicle and make it more contemporary looking. They achieve this with minor changes which are actually few but have been effectively added to the newest design of the vehicle.

The new MPV looks much more luxurious than before and it owes that characteristic to the redesign that has happened. The front part two-stepped headlamps, while at the back it has been designed to look like a more classic looking minivan. The taillights are something new and as they feature a completely new look. Actually the car remains a five door vehicle and its wheelbase remains the same as well for the overall measurements making it perfectly possible to fit up to 8 people inside.


As for the inside part of the car is concerned, there has been some more work done compared with the exterior of the Vellfire. The best way to explain the inside setup is using the words versatile, luxurious and comfortable, and it truly meets all of the mentioned characteristics. The inside has been well designed and has incorporated the use of some modern gadgets that come welcomed for use in the inside. The seats are adjustable and can be moved whichever way your prefer to make your back support better and overall drive more comfortable. You can even use it for longer drives as well.

Something that enhances the mentioned comfort levels is the high quality materials that the vehicle has. The upholsteries also have an option color scheme that differs from the one found in the Alphard and is a sort of a special feature that comes with the Vellfire model. The noticeable combination of metal and wood inserts is what grants the vehicle its much needed and welcomed luxury while the cabin is very quiet and serene to drive in as it has included various noise cancelations systems inside. The fun stuff that has been added inside includes Triple Zone Automatic Climate Control, 17-Speaker Premium Audio System and 16 Colors Ceiling Illuminations.


There are going to be three engine options as before for the buyers to choose from. The base engine option for eh Toyota Vellfire comes to the 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle engine which is able to achieve150 hp and is combined with Toyota’s eCVT and E-Four system. It also comes with a two electric motor support as well, where one produces 141 hp and the other 67 hp. Fuel economy for this engine option is rated at an average 45.6 mpg.

The second option is also regarded as a base option and features a 2.5-liter engine combined with a 7-speed Sports Sequential Shiftmatic Super CVT-i transmission. This version has an optional Stop & Start System that comes with a power combo and enables fuel economy at an estimated 30.1 mpg. The third option is a 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine that is capable of achieving 276 hp. This one is combined with a 6-speed Super ECT automatic system and an estimated EPA rating of 22.3 mpg.

Price and release date

If we are optimistic, then we will say that the 2018 Toyota Vellfire may be seen on the road the earliest as the end of this year, but it is perhaps more realistic for the release date to be somewhere at the beginning of next year. The price will be more less the same and will be around some $27,000.

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