2018 Toyota Wish

2018 Toyota Wish Review

The newest 2018 Toyota Wish is a model that is getting an all-around modification and an upgrade in every segment of the vehicle. Perhaps this model is not so much known to the buyers in Europe and North America but it has already made a name for itself in its native Asian market where the vehicle is regarded as a prime choice. The Wish is actually the most popular brand of a mini-van in the Asian market and has been known already for several years.

This time they are updating the model and are bringing so much more to the brand with the features and added upgrades that have been awaited. The brand actually does not have a place in the North American brand due to its setup and features as it fits much better for the Asian and can perhaps work in the European market. Thus we do not see this model appearing in other places any time soon.

The large popularity of this model left the produces of Toyota with only one option, and that is to update the model as fast as possible. The vehicle is going to be refined and updated in many ways as the fans have spoken and wish to see the model in its new showcasing. They will get to see it by the beginning of next year as the car has been announced for release by then.

Check out the review and find out what the latest news about the price and release date are.


With the new Wish out we can expect a change in paste of the appearance. We are finally getting a 2018 Toyota Wish that looks handsome. This is not to say that the previous one was bad in appearance but the newest one is going to look much better and will feature an improved look and a prime appearance as well. There are a lot of changes that are going to be expected for the vehicle that are going to ultimately bring us a much more interesting look for the car.

The front of the car has gone through a couple of changes and is going to include a new bumper and a new grille. The front side now has a very premium look which is enhanced by adding a more modern and an appealing look now. There are some LED lights included as well this time while the bottom of the bumper adds fog lights placed in the very corner and the bottom of the bumper. The car is going to get some changes in the rear as the lights are changed and reshaped. The wheels also feature a new design and finally we are going to get some new color choices also to go with the new look. All in all, this new model is going to benefit form a largely modern update making it better and desirable car.


The greatest advantage of the 2018 Toyota Wish is going to be the interior. Actually the advantage of the Toyota Wish models has always been its interior which they managed to utilize to the maximum extent. This one is going to build up upon and expand the concept even further brining us a well deserved and quality inside of the car. The model is still able to seat seven people and there is enough room to fit all of them in the position so they feel as comfy as possible.

The improvement is going to deal with the materials that are used inside the car. Some soft upholstery is being used here which adds to the comfort and the overall atmosphere. The color of the trim is going to also be available in different offers that are making the interior able to match the outside as you wish it to be. The car is going to finish off the inside with the latest features and technological equipment added as the model uses navigation, touchscreen, air conditioning, various connectivity abilities and a modern audio system also. All of the previously used ones are have gained an update.


A big change has been announced in terms of the engine. It appears that there is going to be a substitution made and the new 2018 Toyota Wish is going to come with a 1.8 liter 4 cylinder engine which manages to come with an output of 140 horsepower and a torque of 178 Nm. But another great news is that this is not the only engine option available as a  2.0-liter also 4 cylinder engine that develops 156 horsepower and will have a peak torque of 197 Nm is also part of the offer. The slightly stronger engine gives you more options and allows you to have more opportunities when it comes to driving. Both of the engines are combined with a 7-speed CVT automatic transmission and it offers a front wheel drive as a standard option.

Release date and price

Currently the announced price rating for the new 2018 Toyota Wish vehicle is between $ 24.000 and $ 32.000. The model is going to be available by the end of the year and the release date is for now only mentioned for the Asian market. This does not mean that it will never be offered in other markets as further talks may continue and the model becomes available for other parts of the world.

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