2018 Nissan X Trail

The new 2018 Nissan X Trail is getting its newest release. This model has been widely known as having one of the more interesting and handsome appearances that the Japanese automaker has ever produced. The model offers us a state of the art look which is further expanded on by making this new model which is going to continue there where the previous one left off. The newly offered pictures are a direct confirmation that the vehicle’s release date is also just around the corner.

The 2018 Nissan X Trail is a mid-size crossover SUV which is going to be built on the same type of a platform that other new models coming out of Nissan and Renault are being built. The new platform makes the car lighter and the inside is a thus much more appropriate and comfortable. It makes life much easier for the people driving in the car as it manages to offer the best you can get out of a model this size.

This segment is regarded as one of the more interesting ones in the current market. The competition is very high and many automakers are coming up with interesting brands and innovative ideas in order to stay competitive. What we are hoping this model will bring is some more of the mentioned things as the model gets plenty of innovation behind the wheel and a great affordable offer for the fans. Read more about the 2018 Nissan X Trail in our review and learn about its release date and price ratings.



The 2018 Nissan X Trail is going to have the same type of a handsome look that its predecessors had. In fact this one is going to be built up even further as it adds more handsome and more modern features that greatly affect its look. The wheels have been redesigned and the car sits atop some alloy steel wheels which are wider than before and actually give more balance to the car and more comfort to the passengers inside. The car grips to the pavement very tightly and drives anywhere you want it to go no matter the type of the terrain. The bonnet has been redesigned as well and the one used now is shorter than before and it has been remodeled to have better looking headlights which add LED technology now.


The lines and the curves of the car also very handsome looking and combine well with all the new and updated features. The bumper is also new and has been redesigned which goes well with the new wheels as it brings emphasize to the size of the vehicle now. What we are getting for the wheels is a standard choice of 17-inch ones and 18-inch ones as optional. All in all, the new Trail X is a bit more aggressive that the previous one but manages to hold on to its handsome features as well.


The inside of the 2018 Nissan X Trail has been fitted with all the new and exclusive equipment that is going to make your experience driving in it even greater. Some of the standard points of furnishings inside include a Bose audio system, dual zone climate control, air conditioning, a Nissan connect system , electric mirrors and a central locking system. The model has also been built up to have added safety features and security measures that are going to help the passengers feel much more secure. Added are the blind spot detection ABS braking, electronic brake distribution, LED interior lighting in order to laminate the dash appropriately and many more.


The interior is being fitted with high-end material and upholsteries that is going to help the driver and the passengers feel much more at ease. The fact is that the front seats add a lumber adjustment option which is going to help you set your seats any way you desire them to be. Also the back seats have some soft materials upholsteries as well while all the touch surfaces of the cabin are also made from soft materials to enhance the comforts.



The situation under the hood remains the same, as the 2018 Nissan X Trail is going to continue on using the same powertrain as before with just of few minor changes. This model is going to be able to produce a total of 170 hp and 175 lb/ft of torque as the engine remains the supercharged four-cylinder with a 2.5-liter capacity. This time there is not going to be a manual transmission but an Xtronic CVT becomes a part of the transmission system. The CVT is going to send the power through a front wheel drive system which is going to be the base option for the vehicle. The vehicle has a total fuel economy of 33 mpg in highways and 26 mpg in cities or a combined effort of 28 mpg as it was measured for the 2018 model.

Release date and price


The first showcasing for the 2018 Nissan X Trail has been scheduled for mid-year and will be seen for the first time this year. But the official release date when the car becomes available for sale is still scheduled for next year and we are hoping in getting the car available by the beginning of the year. The starting price is going to be at around $20,000 but my rise a bit higher depending on the additions and the trim levels.

The new 2018 Nissan X Trail is also going to deal whit the competition which is lead by the newest 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe and also followed by 2018 Ford Kuga and Skoda Octavia models.

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