What Our Rendering About The 2019 BMW 7 Series Reveals

2019 BMW 7 Series review

Even while we still continue celebrating the just released 2018 model, talks of an all-new 2019 BMW 7 Series have started scathing the internet. Spy photos and rumors have started flying around on what might be changed on the new model. But even before we delve straight into our rendering lets first take a look at what we’re dealing with here for a moment.

The BMW 7 Series has over the last couple of years redefined what a luxurious and exclusive driving experience ought to look like in a pioneering, contemporary form. It has managed to break ground in the areas of lightweight design, interior ambiance, intelligent connectivity, operating systems, chassis, and powertrains – features that have all managed to work seamlessly together to offer long-distance comfort and unbeatable driving pleasure in a luxury sedan.

The handing down of baton from one generation to the other has helped BMW become one of the most revered marque in this rather competitive market. This, BMW, has achieved through a raft of innovations that remain unparalleled by any other brand out there. For example, BMW has introduced key factors over the years that have enhanced safety, comfort, efficiency, and dynamics.

Just to name but a few, some of the said factors include standout innovations in the operating systems such as the new BMW Head-Up Display, Touch Command, as well as BMW gesture control. Others include the Sky Lounge Panorama glass roof, inductive charging station, BMW Laserlight, ADAPTIVE mode, and the Executive Drive Pro active chassis system.

As can be seen, the BMW 7 Series is unquestionably an automotive institution on its own right even in the face of stiff rivalry from vehicles such as the Audi A8 and the Mercedes Benz S-Class. It is as such that we believe the much touted 2019 BMW 7 Series will also continue on this unstained path to bring glory to the BMW marque.

2019 BMW 7 Series Date Of Release and Price

No one is quite certain on the two – I doubt even BMW knows at this point. But we’ll just go ahead and predict them anyway. The previous model that the 2019 BMW 7 Series aims to replace goes for sale for a whopping $97,265. This price however excludes the handling and destination charge. As for the release date, we should expect the new model to arrive in US showrooms sometimes in the fall of 2018.

2019 BMW 7 Series Exterior

The exterior design of the 2019 BMW 7 Series, judging from the spy photos, provides an authentic showcase for the car’s character. There’s a high level of exclusive elegance, assured dynamics, and stylistic confidence at work here that is clearly demonstrated by the strongly controlled surface design, harmonious proportions and precise lines.

The aura of this luxury sedan should be enough to make a clear expression of how an optimized long-distance comfort and driving pleasure ought to be. We expect the weight of the 2019 BMW 7 Series to further reduce thanks to rumors of further use of the BMW EfficientLightweight platform that the marque now uses to curb weight for current and future models.

To further complement the changes, the new model is also set to get additional chassis control and precision-honed chassis technology that should further enhance the new 2017 Series ride quality.

2019 BMW 7 Series Interior Changes

Even in its current state, the BMW 7 Series still looks and feels elegant. This is also true for all variants of the luxury sedan that combine exceptional efficiency with superior ride comfort and enthralling dynamic ability. The interior luxury is simply bespoke and breaks new ground in intelligent connectivity and intuitive operation.

In spite of its size, the BMW 7 Series is a very competent performer in almost all areas save for the lack of road feel. We however expect the new 2019 BMW 7 Series to score better in this regard especially when you compare it to the rest of the big wigs in its class aforementioned.

On the road, the 7 Series is impressively smooth and its interior exceptionally quiet. Furthermore, it comes with lots of customizable features for the seats and climate that make it feel great on the road. In terms of technology though, the 7 Series is rather disappointing and BMW would need to work a bit harder to match those offered on rivals.

Some standard equipment to expect on the 740i Sedan include 19-inch alloy wheels, a power trunk lid, nineteen-inch alloy wheels, adaptive air suspension, power-closing doors, automatic windshield wipers, adaptive LED headlights, 14-way power adjustable leather seats, auto-dimming rearview mirror, a four-zone automatic climate control system, and wood trim.

2019 BMW 7 Series Engine Performance & Specs

We don’t expect much to change in terms of the engines offered, and as such, should see the return of the 2018 lineup that includes four powertrains. AWD and RWD is standard regardless of the engine choice, and so is the eight speed automatic transmissions system. The engines we should expect are as follows: the base 740i Sedan should come with a turbocharged 3L six-cylinder engine capable of producing 320 horsepower; the 750i should take things a step further with the 445-hp rated 4.4L V8 engine; and the top-of-the-line M760i xDrive should take things a notch higher with the massive 6.6L turbocharged V12 engine that cranks out a whopping 601 horsepower.

Oh, and then there’s the 740e xDrive iPerformance plug-in hybrid that combines an electric motor with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine to offer a combined output of 322 horsepower.


As aforementioned, the 2019 BMW 7 Series will find itself in a rather unforgiving situation where it would have to face equally competitive rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan and the Audi A8 Sedan. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class offers a myriad of features such as an eerily controlled handling around turns, seemingly endless safety and comfort features, effortless acceleration, and an impressive ride quality. Its asking price is $96K. The Audi A8 model, in one way or another, offers the same features but asks for way less – $91K.

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