2019 Volkswagen CC – Whoa! Finally Volkswagen Did It..

2019 Volkswagen CC review

The exterior design of the Volkswagen CC remains as one of the most interesting among the midsize sedan segment. And this has gotten even more interesting with the recent announcement of the 2019 model, christened 2019 Volkswagen CC! It is one of those family sedans that immediately catches the attention of anyone standing in front of it.

Although family sedans are so many out there, few can exactly match what the 2019 Volkswagen CC offers – or even better yet what we think it will offer based on our rendering. One of the biggest change for 2019 is perhaps the name-change that has now transformed from Volkswagen CC to Volkswagen Arteon.  As such, the new 2019 Volkswagen CC will now change names to 2019 Volkswagen Arteon moving forward.

Based on spy photos and pictures recently released by Volkswagen, the new model is stylish, unconventional, and has lots of utility – passenger and cargo space. What we don’t however like is that we have to wait for about a year for the 2019 Arteon to make to U.S dealerships. Also, it doesn’t offer as much power.

The new model is a large leap forward for Volkswagen forays into the midsize sedan market. For 2019, we can expect the new model to continue being one of the market leaders in this space thanks to innovative features and designs that we think are going to shake this space bigtime.

First, the wheelbase has now grown to 111.7 inches over the previous model. This will represent about five inches longer than the CC’s and one inch longer than the Passat’s. Result? More passenger space both at the front and at the back. This however partly applies to everyone else apart from the one sitting the middle back.

Leg- and elbowroom have also benefited from the growth of the wheelbase, and taller passengers will also realize that they are much comfortable at the back than before. Matching the growth in passenger space are materials. They are of high quality and look extremely nice, and some might not be wrong for suggesting that they seem Audi-like in terms of luxury appeal.

As you’ve correctly guessed it, the cargo space has too benefited from the new developments in space. It is spacious enough and can accommodate a full set of golf clubs.

2019 Volkswagen CC Release Date & Price

It’s still too early to be sure about pricing. Based on changes, facelifts and whatnot, buyers should probably pay around $34,655 for the bare-bones model and ten grand more for the well loaded version. Release date should take place sometime in April 2018.

How Does It Drive

The 2019 Volkswagen CC now christened Arteon for the 2019 model year also rides a bit lower than its predecessors. Based on data released from Volkswagen recently, the new model will come riding on the VW’s MQB traverse architecture. What this means is that the new model will now feature a new Dynamic Chassis Control feature, which according to Wolfsburg’s suspension engineers will allow users to have access to Comfort, Sport, and Normal ride settings.

And just like its predecessors and the entire brand by extension, the suspension settings are responsive and comfortable regardless of the setting chosen. Unlike the GTI though, the Arteon’s handling lacks feedback but scores better in terms of precise and direct steering.

Engine Specs – 2019 Volkswagen CC

This is one area that we have our gripes on. All of the big talk that the exterior and interior all showcase are let down by the performance. The euro-spec car that has a seven-speed DCT transmission system sending the power produced from a 2L engine to the wheels isn’t as exciting to drive.

It does 0-60 mph in just under six seconds. For American consumers however, VW says our version will be able to produce 268 horsepower and 258 pounds feet of torque and will come equipped with an 8-speed auto.

Interior & Exterior Of The Volkswagen CC 2019

As is the usual case with spy photos, not much can be told about what the interior features. But based on what Volkswagen has assured us however, the new 2019 Volkswagen CC is seemingly going to be a well-equipped model. Some of the features that have come from the horse’s mouth include the company’s new eight-inch infotainment system. It is huge and Volkswagen says is responsive and features an optional TFT screen.

Also, we think that the new model has also benefited from redesigned seats, instrument cluster, and steering wheel. The dashboard is much cleaner and features premium-look- and feel materials. Save for those, the information on the rest will be made much clearer in the near future.


Only two models come close to the 2019 Volkswagen CC in terms of competition. And these two are the Acura TLX and Nissan Maxima. The Nissan Maxima is a strong contender in this niche when you consider the amazing features it offers one of them being its powerful 3.5L V6 engine that manages to put out an incredible 300 horsepower and 261 lbs. ft. of torque. Six flavors of this beautiful sedan are offered with the least of them all costing roughly $32,560 and the priciest costing $39,990.

The next in line is the Acura TLX. Anyone who’s been following this market in the recent past will probably agree with me that the Acura’s TLX is a prime contender in this niche. Has lots of appealing features to check out and among these is a 290-horsepower 3.5L engine. Pricing for the Acura TLX starts at $31,900.


We love VW’s efforts that have culminated in the refreshment of the 2019 Volkswagen CC so much so that it has even swapped names to become the Arteon. Whether or not consumers are going to fall in love with what Volkswagen have done totally depends on how well it performs relative to what other sedans are offering in the market today. But we can sure bet that the 2019 CC will leave a mark somehow – that’s our take though.

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