2018 Toyota Celica

2018 Toyota Celica Release Date, Specs, Engine, Price – Toyota Celica is making a comeback. The recent news that are buzzing the interest and the automotive industry is that Toyota will bring back the Celica for the 2018 model year. A can which will in more than one word be efficient and trustworthy than its predecessor promises to deliver both on the road and the looks department. High expectations are expected out of this car and we are eagerly awaiting its official release.

Ever since the spy photos for the vehicle were released, especially the ones that leaked, the Celica has been accumulating hype around it. Toyota kept silent for a while and later cracked under the pressure and started releasing some official news about the Toyota Celica. The price remains a mystery, but some information on the release date have been announced.

Yet the exact release date is still far from us, meaning that there are two options that remain. One is that the car is going to hit the market in September this year, while the other states that we shall have to wait a bit longer and see the Celica roll out in March 2018. Currently no official statement says which of the two is true. So here is what we know about the Toyota Celica for 2018 and what we have decided to include in our review.


Previously the Toyota Celica used a 4 liter engine and provided merge numbers in terms of its power. The statement with the previous Celica models stated was with its looks and not with its performance. This time the situation has completely turned and the performance has been pushed in front of other features of the car. A 3.8 liter V6 engine is what the car will pack under its hood and the numbers say that the new Toyota Celica will output 310 horsepower, topping the previous engine performance.

Exterior of Toyota Celica

Although the previous models have largely based the exterior look of the vehicle as its highest selling trick, this time the performance of the engine was enhanced. Yet the outside look does not fail to impress. In the year 2018 we will be dealing with a sporty yet elegant Celica with quality and very nice features. The look is largely based on the 2012 version of the car and has some minor upgrades that makes the car much more modern and futuristic looking.

The design that the makers in Toyota are going for this year is to make the car a versatile vehicle. It sporty feature enhance its physical and speedster side, but the elegance says that this car can be formal when it wants to. The largest difference from the previous models is that it is set a little bit different than before and both the front and the back are higher than it was the case in with the cars features before this one.

Interior Redesign

There was no chance that a car like this one was to fail to match the outside with the inside. So a great design was introduced and some satisfactory features were added to the inside of the car. The comfort levels were addressed by introducing smoother and more comfortable materials on the interior while the front seats have been designed to be much more flexible and thus much better to sit in. The protection features include air bags that have been laid out all across the car and the front panels is the one which will protect the passengers on the front the most.

The technology of the car is the second inclusion that we want to mention. Upgrades are introduce within the entire technological department for the new Celica. Not just the entertainment system, which will play a big role this time, but the navigation system and new speakers as will. All neatly laid out in front of the driver making everything in reach and in control. Also be sure to check out the latest air conditioning feature that the Celica introduces this time.

2018 Toyota Celica – Release date and price

As we already mentioned, the official release date has not been mentioned and Toyota has only hinted it to us. Yet we are hoping that this year we do get to see the new Toyota Celica driving on the roads and if not we shall have to be patience and await the start of the next year. The price tag for the Celica is a mystery, although some leaks have informed us that we can expect a figure of 28.000 to 30.000 dollars.

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