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It is becoming even more apparent that we will get to see the 2017 Ford GT vehicle very soon. As the first gen vehicle that was released before was discontinued and the brand was dismissed, these are actually some very interesting and fruitful news that many fans find most intriguing. The second generation GT promises to be almost as double as better than the previous one and is going to be a reminiscence of the past with a modern take on it.

In the old days when Ferrari was dominant and when they managed to win every race there was, Ford had an idea to buy the Italian brand in incorporate in its own. But in the last moment Enzo Ferrari pulled out of the deal leaving Henry Ford furious and devastated. This lead the way to a Ford GT40 vehicle which was commissioned by Ford for the next race in Le Mans. The new vehicle was supposed to rival the Ferrari in any way and establish its domination against this vehicle. The GT40 not just managed to win the forthcoming race but won every other in the years to come.


The GT brand is a direct descendant from the GT40 one which was made in its first generation form recently, but was discontinued very quickly. This new embodiment of the vehicle promises to bring us a better concept of the popular car with many innovative and modern additions to its making.

The 2017 Ford GT was revealed for the first time at the North American Auto Show in Detroit this year and was an immediate smash. With a traditional look and using some modern techniques and materials the vehicle is every fans dream and perhaps the best supercar built by Ford. This review will help you find out everything there is to know about the specs and also include some pictures that were published with after the actual show and the announcement of the vehicle.

2017 Ford GT exterior

When compared to its older sibling, the exterior of the 2017 Ford GT is in many ways similar to the previous design, but includes a lot of modern takes and additions to it that make it even better. The mid-engine design has a long wedge shape and a nose which has the trademark GT signature look with dual ducts at the front which gives us a menacing look. The rear of the car has the most modernistic take on the design. There are crisp cuts near the taillights that remind us on the late Ferrari cars while the car also incorporates some round hips at its sides.

There are some flying buttress wings placed in the back that create additional downforce and some huge canon exhaust outlets placed at the high-center part which all amounts for a much more aggressive look of the vehicle.


Adding to the aerodynamics of the car is a more open greenhouse as it tapes a bit inward towards the top. If we were to compare it to the old models, this new one is far more sleeker looking but still adds a lot of subtle details to it that are very interesting.

Some of them include the outboard circular tail lamps, but there are in fact lots more. The greatest change and the most significant one is using the carbon fiber materials which help reduce the overall weight of the car. In order to make better balance of the vehicle and help it maintaining stability and achieve better maneuvering, each part of the car has been fine tuned in order to make things as perfect as possible.


In order to make the interior of the 2017 Ford GT as better as possible, some fine detailing has been incorporated. The cockpit is refined in a way to enable as much as stability and control. The seats of the car are actually directly integrated and are a part of the vehicle’s monocoque shell.

The driver is in this way directly connected to the chassis of the car which in turn enables him to have a better feeling on where the car is heading and how to maneuver it. As the seats are fixed, the steering is adjustable along with the pedals and enables more variations on how different types of drivers can fit inside the cockpit.


One of the most interesting parts of the design is the F1-inspired steering wheel. This is something that Ferrari has started to use a long time before and is something that Ford sees as a part of their new design.

All the necessary controls are mounted on the steering wheel and account for better usage and function like that. The gauge cluster is designed as merely being a large LCD display which can display various different kinds of information on it. You can customize your display and make it show you only the necessary pieces of information that the driver needs.



The engine utilized inside the 2017 Ford GT was actually a bit of a surprise. In a miracle turn of events when everyone was expecting the force induced engine that we have in the GT350 Mustang to be used, the designers of Ford took a whole new direction, thus the  3.5-liter, EcoBoost V-6 was chose. This engine also utilizes the power of two added turbos and is actually the next-generation EcoBoost that was based on the Ford engine that was used inside the IMSA Daytona Prototype racer.

The power produced ranks over 600 hp and is owed to a large number of enhancements that are added that enable this actually small engine to produce such a large amount of power. It will use the seven-speed, dual-clutch transaxle transmission but does not come with a manual transmission GT this time. The numbers are still not in, but we expect that car to top the 0-60 mph mark in under 4 seconds while having a top speed of somewhere around 200 mph.

Price and release date


There are not official stats offered as of yet but the 2017 Ford GT might be available for sale at the start of the 2017 seasons, With the release date still a mystery we can also only assume how much the price is going to be. There are some rumors that emerged at the Geneva show that said the car is going to cost around $400,000 while there is only going to be 250 of them made per year. Cars which are perhaps in the same price range but the same performance rate as well are the latest Lamborghini Aventador model and the Chevy Corvetter Z06.

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