2017 Lincoln Continental


2017 Lincoln Continental – The Lincoln Continental is perhaps one of the most popular brands that this automaker has ever produced. It was the flagship vehicle of their enterprise and was actually discontinued for three times till now. It was 14 years ago when the Continental made its last appearance and presumably went down in history. But it is all changing now as they are planning to bring it back once more with the 2017 Lincoln Continental model.

The fourth stint of the Lincoln Continental was started with it being showcased at the New York Auto Show with the Lincoln Concept car. As many have thought that this was just a marketing stunt and that a production model would never be seen, it appeared that we have all been wrong, recently the release of the production model was backed up with an official statement and the return of this famous vehicle was once again made possible.


In fact there are still many features of the car that are still unknown, it is still a year away from its official release so Lincoln is still keeping certain things under wraps. Something that we do know is that the car will really heavily on its concept vehicle which looks production ready and is prepared to roll out on the road even now. But there is in fact much that needs to be determined and added and it will be resolved within this year after which we are ready to receive the car. Check out the pictures and find out everything there is to know about the 2017 Lincoln Continental in this review.

2017 Lincoln Continental – Exterior Design

The model of 2017 Lincoln Continental will certainly retain the characteristics seen from the concept model. It will have the exterior design, size and feel of a limousine car but will add some expensive new and exclusive characteristics to the exterior image. The front side is gracefully updated with a new grille design which will also have a new emblem, it consists of a raised Lincoln badge and is combined with several Lincoln Star emblems. This is actually added for all the fans of the Lincoln and all of the enthusiasts who will feel amazed with a trademark split grille that was missing within this car.


The car also receives some new headlamps, but in fact it is something that we should not get excited about. The design of the rounded headlamps does not fit well with the overall concept, and if this part makes it to the production model it will a downfall part of the overall look. The production model will perhaps retain the pop-up door handles which will enable it to stand out compared to the competition.

The concept car also receives a chrome strip on the side skirts and front/rear aprons, this is actually an addition that we really like and we hope that this makes it to the production model and that this part becomes a permanent inclusion to the design. But this is something likely to happen as they may decide to go for a homogenous look.


As for the inside of the 2017 Lincoln Continental, the cabin is already good to go. Meaning that the inside look of the concept car has already been polished in a way that it production ready and can serve immediately in a real situation.

The inside has been polished luxury wise and tech wise and is a fabulous surrounding for any amount of passengers that you can fit inside. To make the inside characteristics much better and the enable the comfort level at a higher grade there are many features and gadgets fitted inside. One of them is the 30-way adjustable seats that are placed both at the front and the back part as well.


At the top there is the smart glass tinting sunroof that gives you a better atmosphere inside the car and tablet-supporting tray which is deployed from the center console and act upon your demand whenever necessary.

These features are all part of the concept car but are perhaps not a standard inclusion in a modern day luxury car these days, but we nevertheless expect this inclusion to make it inside as a permanent feature of the car. The champagne storage compartment  but it may be available only in some higher levels of the vehicle or the one that has a larger wheelbase, but for now the majority seen in the concept will be seen in the production version as well.

Engine Specs

There have been many expectations with the newest Lincoln Continental receiving a V-8 engine for the 2017 model year. Yet all hopes about that were dropped when Lincoln decided to discontinue the use of 4-cylinder engines with the 2015 Navigator SUV being their last one. Thus the concept car has been matted with a 3.0-liter V-6 and we are sure that this one will be used for the production version also.

The most that the fans can hope for is getting a four-cylinder EcoBoost engine but it is still a longshot. As there are no official stats about the power of the car, we have estimated it a 350 hp. This makes it considerably less powerful compared with the cars that are its competitors but give it a larger advantage when it comes to fuel efficiency. If it is paired with something like a nine- or ten-speed automatic gearshifter, it may come out with some astounding EPA ratings.


Price and release date

It is too early to talk about the exact price range that the 2017 Lincoln Continental might come with but it is estimated that it may come at $61,920. This is of course just a guess and a starting price that may be perhaps much larger but the bottom line is that the release date will mark the time when more will be known about the price. The release date is still long ways off still but we will start considering it come next year when there are more information available.


The 2017 Lincoln Continental is going to topple the last year’s competitors, namely the 2016 Cadillac CT6 and the newly acquired C-Class from Mercedes-Benz, as we predict it toppling the competition in sales.

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