2017 Subaru Crosstrek


There are a lot of things that are going to be new for the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek vehicle. The people who have owned this type of a car before will certainly notice the difference and will see how much greater the new 2017 version has become better. But the people who are new to this model will appreciate the car and will be happy in getting to know it come its release date.

The big news is that the last models were witted with an XV badge in its name but the new 2017 Subaru Crosstrek is going to lose that emblem in its name. So we do not have a XV version of the Crosstrek any more offered. All in all, the new Crosstrek model is basically a lifted version of the Impreza hatchback that has already made its debut and as this model has proven to be a good design it will be an impressive one with this model as well.


Using the new Impreza design language has been something that was important for the car as all of the future models are issuing a new type of a design that is going to follow this one. The first concept models that were shown at the Geneva Motor show have implicated that the new Crosstrek and in fact the future of Subaru is going in a good way. Keep reading the rearview and find out more about the release date of this model.


The newest 2017 Subaru Crosstrek actually delivers a kind of an SUV look which was not expected when mentioning this car. Btu it actually manages to fit in well with the crossover space and surrounding the model is facing at. But what makes this car unique in a lot of ways is that it is fully available and capable of matching its performance and style in a off-road shrouding. So the versatility of use is its first and foremost advantage that the models delivers. The body of the car is also a bit longer than it was before so we also get some dimension changes made here.


What gives the advantages to this vehicle is an overall great styling that the model picks up and offers us. The vehicle is stylistically speaking almost near perfect. It helps to be a great car if you have some great design cues and this one is certainly not shy in showing them and expressing them. The model is going to use the 17-inch aluminum wheels this time which do come as a standard offer this time and make a lot of sense now compared to before.


The interior of the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek has been upgraded as well. An important part of its setup is how the car is going to actually look and feel on the inside and it does help to add a little bit of high grade quality inside. The inside has been refurbished in the matter so it looks like a very quality setup and a very quality car.

Now we are getting a model which is going to provide more than it used to do with the previous ones and allow the people who drive them to feel much better. The longer dimensions of the car are going to give us a bit more room as well but the materials that are going to be used are the most important part of the update.


Additionally, the technological advancements have made available for this car to receive more and new details when it comes to the inside of the car. The updates mainly concentrate around the infotainment system which is going to have a lot of new features.

Most of it is concentrated on the newly added  7-inch touch screen which is bigger than the previous one and allows quicker and easier access to information compared to before. You can also use it to operate all the modern features that the car makes available for us on the inside.

Engine specs

Come release date, most people are going to be interesting in the engine update for the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek. The model is going to enhance the power and the output and at the same time they plan to make the steering and maneuvering as one of its prime features as well and characteristic. This new model is going to have two engine variants, the  1.6-L petrol engine and the 2.0-L option which also includes a turbo diesel engine.

These are smaller engines compared to the one that we did have before but actually provide better specs and it is particularly noticeable when we mentioned that it is going to combine with a 6-speed auto transmissions. Finally, another news is that this car also comes back to us with an AWD choice.



Wheelbase: 8 ft. 7.7 in. (103.7 in.)
Length: 14 ft. 7.2 in. (175.2 in.)
Width: 5 ft. 10.1 in. (70.1 in.)
Passenger volume: 94 ft³
Cargo volume: 22 ft³
Curb weight: 3109 lbs
Top Speed: 118 mph
0-60: 8,1 sec
MPG: 23/31 (city/highway)
Available Exterior Colors: Crystal Black Silica, Crystal White Pearl, Dark Gray Metallic, Desert Khaki, Hyper Blue, Ice Silver Metallic, Quartz Blue Pearl and Venetian Red Pearl
Towing Capacity: 1500 lbs


Release date and price

Unfortunately, the release date for the 2017 Subaru Crosstrek is still a long ways away. We are not expecting to see it by the end of the year and certainly not by the beginning of the next one. In fact the car is scheduled for the mid-2017 when the sales officially start. And while we are speaking about the sales, the cost of the car is going to be around  $26,000 as a starting MSRP price.

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