2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser

According to the rumors and latest updates on the net, the newly 2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser will get to be released. The car was assumed to be discontinued and it is perhaps going to be so, but after this model. The Toyota announced that the FJ is the last car that will appear from this brand and that after this one there are not going to be the next ones any more. The latest model from Toyota’s FJ lineup is going to be an nostalgic homage to the previous model and is going to come out with lots of improvements.

The production of the car is, as announced by Toyota, too expensive and does not present a cost effective option for them as its initial price is to low to cover all the production costs. People were happy with the lightweight SUV that was the FJ Cruiser before but it seems that the costs of making it are simply too much even for Toyota. This is the main reason why this is going to be the last model of its kind.

The car debuted back in 2006 and was pretty popular in its days. A light SUV had some pretty good features and characteristics which made it drivable and useful. The next years to come added some new characteristics and additions to the vehicle that made it more modern and drivable than before. This latest model is being released as an entirely contemporary car that is going to go with the times. The thing about it is that the release date is still unknown and has not been set yet.

2018 Toyota FJ Cruiser design

The redesign of the new Toyota FJ Cruiser is going to include a mixture of an old school SUV design with some modern inclusions, making it in fact very unique. The car is going to be particularly built to endure all weather conditions and be used in different terrains, and that is why the style of the outside is going to be made to be versatile and adaptive for all situations. The changes on the outside include some new side wings, a bigger and redesigned fender and an added new and bigger rear bumper. The old type of a frame enhanced with the contemporary accents is a great combination and an appealing choice for many people.

The body is a lot slimmer in fact and is not as box and rugged as some past models. It was made to be more appealing and modern looking. Although the frame is a traditional one the added small inclusions are what make the car look vigilant and young. This is because Toyota is trying to attract the attention of some younger audiences with this model as it is aimed to do. The new inclusion is also adding the 17 inch wheels as a base option for the FJ Cruiser.

Interior redesign

The inside is meant to be much more comfortable, and it really is. The mere fact that there is a lot more space than before is enough to tell us what the people from Toyota concentrated on. More legroom and headroom is what is initially going on here and with that also come some new interior features which include new leather like materials matted on the seats. The car is going to have a standard three rows of seats but now you will be able to feel much more roominess in all parts of the car, particularly the second row which lacked some comfort before.

To make the ride much more entertaining there are also some great technological upgrades inside the 2018 FJ. A 3.0 Bluetooth Connectivity with a much better and modern  quality MP3 / CD Player is the initial change, add t that a excellent six speaker audio system and satellite radio and the fun can begin. More so, included on the inside are a new wide screen, USB phone connectivity and a better air conditioning system. Safety features include an updated safety system with Front Airbags and ear car packing sensors.


A very powerful and an appropriate engine option is added under the hood of the Toyota FJ Cruiser. They have installed a 2-TRD 4.0 liter V6 DOHC engine that can develop some 280 horsepower and 290 lb-ft of torque. As transmission systems, offered are a 6-speed manual transmission for four wheel versions of the car, whereas a 5-speed automatic transmission is combined with the rear wheel drive vehicles of the FJ. What is the most important about the powertrain compared with the older options is that this one is going to have lower fuel consumption. Unfortunately the EPA ratings have still not been released, so we will have to take their word on it for this one.

Release date and price

The official release date has still to be confirmed and it is expected to come out next year. The 2018 model is yet to be shown at any major Auto Show so we can expect that to be done as well pretty soon. The price of the Toyota FJ Cruiser has been set at around $40,000.

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