2018 BMW M8


Rumors about a new BMW supercar have been confirmed with a 2018 BMW M8 release. This is a vehicle that is going to mark the centenary of BMW and is a prime vehicle to do so. There was not a supercar released by BMW for a while and we see this product as the perfect choice to come to the market. It is a great opportunity for BMW to solidify its position with the latest M8 vehicle.

There were a lot of rumors leading up to this release, one of them was that the car was actually going to be named M1, based on the M1 Hommage concept car that was released in 2008. But as it appeared, the vehicle is actually going to adopt the name M1 as it is based mostly on the BMW i8 vehicle which is also nearing the end of its construction. But the M8 will only adopt the lightweight properties of that vehicle, it will not share the same hybrid powertrain.


The 2018 BMW M8 is going to be like a gasoline powered i8 vehicle, which will focus more on the performance and high speeds than actually protecting the environment. People who are interested in that sort of a car can read this review and see what the future vehicle is going to be all about as looking at the pictures only will not enable you a full understanding of the vehicle.

2018 BMW M8 exterior

As there are not many information about the entire vehicle, we can only speculate for now how it is going to look and function, but we have more information about the exterior of the 2018 BMW M8 to go on. Based on various renderings and some spy photos that have emerged but not really confirmed the vehicle we have a basic understanding how the car is going to look. The vehicle is going to be heavily based on the aforementioned i8 car but it is going to combine with the elements taken from the M1 Hommage design. This is perhaps a perfect combination for this vehicle as the used elements may provide a very good exterior appearance for a vehicle that is the BMW M8. It is a supercar so it is appropriate to make it as super as possible.


The design of the car will most certainly incorporate a V-shaped hood with some elegantly sculptured scoops. It is a prime example of great manufacturing and a very handsome design that the vehicle can incorporate. The front side will also add some massive air intakes which are actually necessary in order to provide as much as air cooling as possible. The headlights are not only going to get a proper modern look but are going to be equipped with premium technology as they add laser-light technology for the front and rear. The back side of the car is fitted with a diffuser which helps the car achieve greater speeds and helps it stick to the ground more than before.



The interior remains a bit of a mystery for the 2018 BME M8 vehicle. There is less information about the inside than for the outside of the car. Particularly unpredictable is the advancement of technology as they aim to fit the car with the latest product and it can be hard to predict where the technology will go in a period of a year. The interior can actually improve a lot from the technical standpoint and drastically develop and make the car even more useful. The specs about the interior will be much more reliable when the release date gets nearer and we have much more to work on for the technological part of the interior.

As for the look of the cockpit, there is no doubt that the car is going to be based on the i8 vehicle. The car is going to adopt a similar type of a design which was found in this concept model. It is already an appropriate type of a design so we assume that there are not going to be many changes for the end product which comes in a year. This also means that the inside is going to combine carbon-fiber, high-quality leather and Alcantara in order to bring you a fabulous setting.



You might have expected the 2018 BMW M8 to share the engines with the i8 concept model, but in this case they have decided to go for a different type of a powertrain. The i8 uses a 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine combined with an electric motor, and as we said this is not going to be a hybrid model. So expect to see a twin-turbocharged V-8 with an output of about 600 horsepower fitted inside the M8 vehicle. The greatest advantage of the car is that it is going to be extremely light, somewhere in the vicinity of 3,000-pounds, which allow it to speed up from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds and develop a top speed of 200 mph.


Price and release date

The 2018 BMW M8 is a full year away, maybe even longer. We assume that the release date is going to be announced at the beginning of the year with the actual production model hitting the streets some time later. The price is still not determined but judging by the specs and standards the car comes with a price of around $200,000 is a no brainer. The vehicle battles the Porsche 911 model and the newest 2018 Audi R8 for contention on the market.

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