2018 Dodge Caliber SRT4


There are some rumors circling around which leads us to believe that a potential 2018 Dodge Caliber SRT4 is under way. As there has been a long time since Dodge updated its Caliber line and with the upcoming update available for the Dart SRT model, we may assume that a Caliber SRT4 is perhaps underway soon. There were some claims that said that Dodge is coming out with a completely new lineup by 2018 so there is a lot of reasons to believe that a updated Caliber SRT4 is among their plans as well.

The latest updates that eh Caliber received were most noticeable for the 2009 and the 2011 period. As the 2009 update concentrated mostly on the outside appearance and brought us a design that was very interesting for the brand and introduced some aggressive parts to the look of the car while the 2011 update continued with the appearance of two new engine options and loads of exterior colors to choose from. Now we are getting closer to the 2018 period when we assume would be a good way for the Dodge Caliber to get some new additions added and a revamp that will go with the flow that Dodge is taking with its current models.


The car may appear as a part of the already announced future lineup that hits the market as late as 2018. There are ground breaking facts which tell us that Dodge may get its 2018 Caliber SRT4 and give it some updates for the given period. The price is another factor with the forthcoming vehicle as it has always been priced quite appropriately and had a fairly affordable rate, will the newest expansion raise the pricing or will it preserve it at the required level.

2018 Dodge Caliber SRT4 exterior

The exterior look of the 2018 Dodge Caliber SRT4 is something that will be debated. The car was greatly redesigned for its 2009 form and gave the turbocharged engine capacity something in appearance as well. The car was redesigned quite well and received updates that were welcomed to the new engine capacity of the vehicle. We assume that the vehicle is going to be much appreciated by the fans and is going to take the production directive that Dodge has been tackling with as its newest production line is getting ready for release.

The car has been designed to look lower compared to the previous models and has kept the traditional front end of the car unchanged so far. This leads us to believe that the front end will be something that is going to be kept the same as in other models of Caliber have been seen with. As you can see on photos, here are also a lot of muscle touches to the car which enhances its appearance and it is most certainly something that will be carried over to the new design.


The Mopar engineered suspension was used to lower the car before so we assume that it is going to be used again and that a lot of additions are going to follow. Perhaps a few aluminum trims and parts are being issued this time so the performance rate is going to be raised as well. All in all, if we compare it to the way the Dodge Dart SRT4 has been remodeled we can assume that something similar may happen here but let us just see what will the production crew thing of next. Also, there may be an introduction of some new color schemes, so besides the Brilliant Black, Sunburst Orange, Bright Silver and Inferno Red expect to see some new ones.


As the 2018 Dodge Caliber SRT4 is going to be a bit more performance orientated, we assume that the interior will follow suite as well. We assume that the bucket seats are going to be kept on the inside as well and that car is going to use them for the future as well. Besides the comfortable and appropriate performance like seats there are certainly going to be some interior comfort upgrades that are going to be featured with some enhanced materials offered. The car is The previous design with the black leather and the red stitching has been a very nice combination and accented the luxury and lavish interior of the car. Perhaps some changes do get to happen when if some new color pallets get to be added and it may also be upgraded with different trims, but all in all they will aim to keep the vehicle competitive and comfortable on the inside.


The dashboard is certainly going to be kept in a sports-like fashion and as the upcoming design is going to be certainly a lot giddier and faster we expect it that this car also employs some new types of surfaces that will enable it to last longer. Getting them to be soft-touch and having a lengthy period of use and enabling them to be durable with time may be the hardest part to pull off, but if they do it is going to be one of the best things one can add to the new Cali design. We are not yet sure which are the technological updates going to be but we assume that besides the standard set of amenities we do get to see a bunch of modern ones as well.


The engine is going to be the greatest mystery here. The 2018 Dodge Caliber SRT4 will need something that will enable it to keep up with the competition and receive a power boost that will topple the very same competition as well. Chrysler’s 2.4-liter DOHC I-4 Turbo World Engine was a good addition to the car that enabled it to reach 285 horsepower and tire-smoking 265 lb.-ft. of torque. The specs given the Caliber the ability to send the vehicle down to 1320 in just 14.4 seconds at 103 mph. Being that this engine was designed by Global Engine Manufacturing Association gives them the right to call this powertrain a world engine. There may be an upgraded version in the midst here which may prove to be the power source for the new car.


The Dart SRT4 and the Neon SRT4 have already joined the turbocharged setup here so we assume that they are not going to divorce this concept from their design. The Dart is using a beefed-up 2.4-liter Tigershark engine which leads us to believe that the enhancements may happen on the new Caliber as well but for now it is certain that an all-wheel drive comes in the ir plans for the future as well.

Release date and price


The exact release date of the 2018 Dodge Caliber SRT4 is something that we are not clear on. As the information appeared suddenly it is still fresh and not certain, but there are a lot of grounds that tell us it might be possible. It also depends if the added amenities make the car expensive for the upcoming period or not. The current price of around $25,000 is a good one so expect the car to remain in the neighborhood of that figure.

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