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The new 2018 Suzuki Swift comes with an individuality that can attract even the most discerning of supermini customers. Just like the Suzuki swifts of yore, the new model melds superb fuel economy ratings and excellent handling, with eye-catching good looks, European-inspired driving dynamics, and Japanese quality. Even while its release date remains a mystery, one thing’s for sure, the 2018 Swift is coming and it is coming so swiftly!

For starters, the Swift has been around for a couple of years now. It is offered primarily for the European and Japanese markets. Although we cannot confirm this at the moment, the 2018 Suzuki Swift will not be offered for the USA market – it is highly improbable even to think they would. It comes in numerous specification, each offering a distinct styling and spacious interior.

The new model showcases the company’s desire to develop contemporary cars through innovation, sporty, and elegant designs. As can be seen from the spy images, the new model will feature an evolutionary design. According to Suzuki, it is based on a new platform that will help the Swift offer improved fuel economy ratings, and offer better driving dynamics in this highly congested niche.


One notable feature that engineers of the new model perhaps spent considerable time improving is the chassis development. The level of handling, according to the automaker, has improved significantly. The ride quality too has improved.

Beneath the hood, the new model comes equipped with several engines depending on the trim model. The base mill, for instance, comes with a 93 horsepower, 1.2L four-cylinder engine that mates to either a four-speed automatic or a five–speed manual, whereas the Suzuki Swift Sport gets a 134 horsepower-generating 1.6L four-cylinder engine.

Once available, the 2018 Swift will find itself battling against the Volkswagen Polo, the Ford Fiesta, and the Honda Jazz. The Honda Jazz is the American version of the Swift. It costs around $19,400 and comes equipped with a 1.3L gasoline four-cylinder engine rated at 101 horsepower and 91 lbs. ft. of torque. The Ford Fiesta is one of the hottest subcompact on the Old Continent. It comes with several engines with power spanning from as low as 79 horsepower to as high as 197 horsepower. Pricing starts from around $14,600.


Finally, the Volkswagen Polo price starts from around $16,000. There’re plenty of engine choices available – gasoline and diesel. Although the three rivals are definitely worth checking out, the 2018 Suzuki Swift still seems to have a lot to offer to buyers.

2018 Suzuki Swift Release Date & Price

As you can see from the images, the 2018 Swift is still wearing heavy disguise. What this means is that it is still too early for certain details such as its price, and release date to be confirmed. What is known at the moment is the fact that Suzuki will not be significantly altering the sticker price of the existing model. As such, my crystal ball tells me it’ll return with either the same sticker price as before ($14,000) or a slightly increased one probably by a few bucks.

2018 Suzuki Swift Exterior Images

Even with the automaker going to great lengths to conceal the exterior features, changes are slightly conspicuous via the black covers. What catches the eye at first glance is the redesigned headlamp design. They come with a more angular shape, and are a bit smaller in size. Up front, a trained eye will immediately notice that the grille is now of trapezoidal design.

2018 Suzuki Swift Interior


The interior of the new car is heavily guised, and as such, we’re light on the details. Some of the highlights you should however expect include a revised multi-function steering wheel, a modern instrument cluster with a color LCD display, a V-shaped dashboard, and redesigned A/C vents.

Other features include a new 7-inch touchscreen interface, Apple CarPlay connectivity, an optional rear-view camera, an SD card slot, and a USB port.

Available Trims

As of this writing, only two trims have leaked: base, and Sport. The 2018 Suzuki Swift GTI review is offered separately.

Engine Specs


The base model comes equipped with a 93 horsepower, generating 1.2L four-cylinder engine, while the Swift Sport gets a 1.6L four-banger rated at 134 ponies. A 1.0L Turbo will also be offered, specs will be known some few weeks to its release date.



Rumors allege the new model will come with upgraded safety features that match those offered for the Ford fiesta or the Volkswagen Polo. Crash impact assessment will be done by the relevant authority once the Suzuki Swift 2018 goes for sale. Results will be updated here in real time. So be sure to check them out.

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