2018 Toyota C-HR


2018 Toyota C-HR Release Date, Specs, Price – Toyota has always been known for bringing new ideas and making a revolution on the market. For years now the brands that they have been releasing have proven to be solid vehicle and top performers. They have been one of the pioneers to introduce the Hybrid technology with their Prius vehicles and the combination of electric motors and gasoline one. Blending the performance with the style was one thing but achieving it is another, and Toyota always brought its own when making good cars was in place.

For this model year, Toyota is going to treat us with something completely new, but as this technology is far from being achieved yet we are going to get the concept car this year and wait a bit for the actually production model in the near future. The release of the Toyota C-HR concept vehicle which was presented on the last Paris Motor Show was a ground breaking achievement and told us that the Japanese automaker is still not fresh out of ideas when it comes to making new technologies possible.


The C-HR model is perceived to be the first fuel-cell sedan vehicle that is going to be the first generation of the new compact crossover vehicles of the future and something that is going to brining the problem of fuel consumption to a whole new level. It also gave us a glimpse of what Toyota is going to turn in the future in terms of the design of the vehicles. The C-HR concept has a brand new platform with youthful and futuristic styling. It seems that the look of many future vehicles in Toyota’s roster will feature a modernized one like this, which may result in bringing new fans to the brand and all in all revolutionizing their production concept. Read the review for more details about the 2018 Toyota C-HR concept automobile.

2018 Toyota C-HR concept exterior

When you look at the new C-HR concept vehicle, you cannot feel but be amazed by it. The car looks futuristic and awesome and brings something new to the table that nobody has thought of. The look actually is closest to the RAV4 car from Toyota, but actually brings back so much more. Although not the whole idea will make it to the production model, we feel confident that much of it actually is going to be featured in it when this car hits the pavement. The plan is to make this car both compact and dynamic and make it an agile vehicle for an urban lifestyle.


The car is a compact vehicle but does not actually looks so when you take a glimpse at it. In fact is quite beefy and massive looking and has some pretty big proportions. This is due to the large wheels that the car sports and a massive bumper which is combined with the muscular arches that the car has. There are in fact some features which are carried over from some familiar Toyota’s cars but still blend very nicely with the new features that they perhaps go unnoticed as the old parts. For instance, the grille is a familiar one while the headlamps are taken from the current Corolla vehicle but have been added a somewhat modern tone to it. Some other new features are a coupe roof that extends towards the rear and adds a bit of sportiness to the car, while also added are new sculptured air intakes, a large lower apron and some boomerang-shaped taillights.


The inside of the Toyota C-HR has been meagerly described and there are not a lot of official information to go by. The most we got was from the pictures that we released from Toyota after the announcement of the concept vehicle but we assume that the real talks about this will start when the car gets actually to be released. The initial announcements actually tell us about a much more cleaner center console. The interior is going to be much more down-to-earth compared to the outside, but we shall see how much of it is actually going to make it to the production model at the end. See in the released pick a much useful center control with an instrument cluster which is dominated by a large clock in the middle.


The interior of the cabin actually combines matte and glossy surfaces red door-panel inserts that contrast the completely black interior. There are red edges on the floor mats while the leather seats have white stitching included on them. Actually the inside of the C-HR concept aesthetically speaking seems much more product ready than the exterior. We of course expect a lot of changes that will happen with the inclusion of different gadgets that are going to make it to the production model, but to see what actually is going to become of this we shall have to wait a bit more.



Despite the fact that many concept models is that they are already drive ready and good to go. But in fact the Toyota C-HR has not been released with a drivetrain, or actually it is but Toyota is keeping this as a very good preserved secret. The new fuel cell technology that is going to be utilized here is the first of its kind, so the people of Toyota have decided not yet to unveil it and keep it hidden for some time more. As it is a revolutionary feet to use this technology and something that may define fuel consumption for the future, it is understandable that this is so, but we will need to expect that something gets announced soon as people will expect to find out more about it.



The price and the release date are still a few years away from us. This is a concept vehicle and there is no chance to tell or even assume how much the Toyota C-HR can actually cost, let alone about the car with an entirely new and totally undisclosed powertrain. For the release deadline and the actual price we are years off and we will have to be patient to learn it.

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