2018 Toyota Crown

2018 Toyota Crown Review

2018 Toyota Crown Release date, price, specs – Toyota is getting ready to release its newest Toyota Crown vehicle which is also going to be a model which marks its 60th birthday. The car has a very long and appropriate reputation behind it and has managed to remain a top vehicle ever since. Its production value was never brought into question and the modeling of the car is as good now as it ever was. The legendary vehicle gets its return after some minor changes and a bi overhaul in the looks department.

The car made its official debut at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China this year and was the first look and the first time somebody has heard about the release of the new Crown. The car made its initial debut back in 1965 when the car was produced by Toyota and exported to the US three years after its first release, The Crown was one of the first and major products that was offered to the US market and has later started making its name in other markets as it was offered in Europe, with Denmark being the first country, then Australia and China, respectively, as one of the latest markets that the Crown has managed to make its impact on.

The mayor components of the 2018 model of the Toyota Crown vehicle are going to be restyled and offered in a much better looking way. The car is going to be offered in a much more dynamic styling than before as this marks the greatest update for the Crown car. The release date is a long expected information while people are also anxious to find out the price as well. The new Crown car now comes in two different trims available, the Royal and the Athlete.

2018 Toyota Crown Exterior Design

The car dynamics of the Toyota Crown vehicle are going to change and they are going to be updated immensely. The vehicle has been enhanced for the better and will be viewed as a prime eye candy for the sorts. The two offered trims are certainly going to be more than distinguishable between each other. The Crown Royal has an authoritative look and a representative feel to it. The thick upper grille blends well with the lower positioned grille and combine for a more representative look. A sense of sturdiness is achieved here with the cabin made more narrow towards the rear while setting the tires a bit outward. All of this accounts for a much more steady design than see before from the Crown car.

The second trim, dubbed the Crown Athlete, has a more lowered look actually the central body of the car has been lowered and has also included a new fender. The combination of these two features makes the Athlete look more lively and makes it a very good future car. But a touch of aggressiveness is never a bad thing and the Athlete has emphasized it more in its rear, particularly with the combination of the newly designed taillights and the rounded accents. But it does not hurt to have a rear spoiler that has been very appropriately added to the side rocker moldings. Both trims come with optional six different color patterns, with the black pearl and silver being the most exclusive ones.

Interior Changes

The interior of the Toyota Crown mixes tradition and innovation very nicely and produces a much better and sound interior look. First of all, one of the more exciting features of the car is its addition of two new color patterns that are introduced for the 2018 model year, the Chestnut and Flaxen. What you also get inside the Crown car are a multitude of features that enhance the usefulness and the functionality of the car and bring it to a much higher level than before. First of all the new high beams make the night visibility of the vehicle much better and greater.

There is a panoramic view monitor that has been added and combines with the four cameras which are placed on all sides of the car, enhancing the safety and enabling better navigation of the driver though tights spots. Some other great new features are the pre-collision system , dynamic integration management, radar cruise control, automatic windshield wipers, leathers seats on all trims, automatic anti-glare rear view mirror, rear power seats, rear center armrest with cup-holders, a 13 inch TFT touch-screen and a four spoke steering wheel with audio controls.

Engine Specs

The new 2018 Toyota Crown has been updated with two engine options. You can choose among the 2.5 liter naturally aspirated or a 2.0 liter turbocharged direct injection engine. The automakers have still not disclosed the power output of the engines and have yet to announce how powerful the engines are actually going to be, but the some initially assumptions tell us that the first engine option provides you with an output of 200 hp and 176 lb-ft of torque. The Crown Royal trim comes combined with a six speed automatic transmission system, while the Athlete does it best to use the new eight speed automatic gearbox.

Price and release date – 2018 Toyota Crown

The release date for the new Toyota Crown car is still unavailable, but some initial statements say that it is going to come out till mid of next year. The price range for the Toyota Crown Royal trim is between $41,000 to $62,000 while the Toyota Crown Athlete is available for a price between $41,000 to $63,000.

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