2018 Toyota I-Road

2018 Toyota I-Road Review

2018 Toyota I-Road Release Date, Price, Exterior, Engine – As a major car designing firm Toyota has always been an innovating producer. Bridging the gap between fiction and possible has always been something that they managed to do so well. There have been numerous designs that have been perceives as impossible, yet Toyota has managed to pull one over on us and make it possible. This time, a car like the Toyota I-Road car has been only the stuff that dreams are made off, but come next year all those dreams become a reality as they are releasing it as a production vehicle and a 2018 model.

A car which is going to be perhaps the smallest on the road and a vehicle with some stellar driving characteristic, but most of all, great looks. The vehicle adopts a futuristic look quite well and will use it as a standard for many cars to come in the future. You may think that for something like this there is a pretty penny that needs to be paid, the reality is quote opposite as the price range will be even more affordable than the super-mini vehicle.

As you can see from the provided pictures, the car is really something and is something that we can easily get excited about. We have studied it extensively and bring you all the latest news and info about the car in this review. We hope that you get as amazed as we have when going through the specs and performance ratings about the car.

2018 Toyota I-Road exterior

Let’s start with the looks. Upon seeing the 2018 Toyota I-Road you immediately get the feeling of something extraordinary or out of this world. The car is almost alien-like and even stragn, but no one can deny the brilliant mind that has come up with the concept look of this car is it is perfect for getting out of traffic jams and being used in bigger cities and urban areas. The car uses a three wheel chassis, one wheel at the back and two at the front. If this has not gotten your attention, maybe it is time to view the photos about the I-Road and see it for yourself how this works. The smaller dimensions make it a very friendly vehicle and the road and will always leave you with a smile on your face even if you only see one passing by you.

The front part of the car has only one headlight, while the back part has two taillights and LED features. This is made to save up on energy and make the range of the car greater. There are some air vents added at the front part and it really makes a whole lot of difference as it enables the air circulation throughout the entire car. As for the font windshield, well it is simply said massive. It is larger than you might have expected and does not only provide a unique kind of a look for the car but makes it much easier for the driver to control his or hers surrounding with the enhanced visibility that you get.


The inside of the car is really Spartan. It actually offers engouh room only for two people, sitting one after the other, like on a bike but with seats. Nevertheless, there is affluent spacking for both of the two people that are inside and as the comfort levesl are quite high. The windshield is massivw as we said and eanbels better visibility for the dirver up front. There is not an air conditioning system though, at least not one so far. This may changes as there are already a bucn h of featrs that you can add optionally so an air condiiting system may become one of them also. But with the added air vetns the air circulation is pretty high so in some situations you will not even need an air conditioning system.

The Toyota I-Road comes with a pretty decent set of features added on the inside. With the mp3 player available you can also enjoy the use of a digital instrument cluster which makes everything much easier. Some optional equipment that you can add upon purchasing the car is a satellite navigation system and also some comfier seats. The seats that are already inside are good but if you need additional back support there are some better ones that you can get on demand. All in all, this is a pretty good interior setup for a small car like this one and it does make it much more sympathetic like this.


Well the powertrain of the 2018 Toyota I-Road is not as exciting as the other parts of the car, particularly not as the look of the car, but it does hold something which is enough to provide it with the initial purpose it was built for. The car will use an electric powertrain which is good enough to make 2.5 horsepower and 55 lb-ft. It is combined with a single rate transmission and the power is supplied by a 10 kW * h battery that enables enough juice for a range of 30 miles. The longest you will spend on charging the car is 4 hours. It will certainly get you places and the car is a very useful addition if you need to get around quickly in crowded areas.

The Toyota I-Road was not a really some time ago but was officially released to be showcased next year. It will be available as a 2018 model and the release date is going to be somewhere mid-year. Those who want to have this car will be happy to know that the price margin is really affordable. A rate of some 10,000 USD is the starting price and it will be available for this rate at its release. For added details you will have to spend some more but the fact is that you will enjoy the cars performance and the price it comes by.

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