2018 Toyota Rush

2018 Toyota Rush Review

2018 Toyota Rush Release Date, Price, Review, Pictures – With the rising need of SUV vehicles of recently Toyota has decided to remodel one of its brand and raise the popularity of it. Thus the 2018 Toyota Rush will be released soon as a completely redesigned model for the upcoming year. This is a very nice move from Toyota which will manage to use the situation and the growth and need of the market to produce better and stronger SUVs which are going to satisfy the people’s needs.

But it was not all well for the previous design of the Rush. Whether the market demands it or not the previous incarnations of the Toyota Rush SUV have not received that much attention from the customers. This time Toyota is acting on the presumptions of the people, or actually will rebuild its car based on the most dire needs that the people have expressed that they want to see in this car.

As you have already noticed from the pictures, the 2018 Toyota Rush will incorporate a look which will be much more appealing and useful than before. It is going to be a far better choice with modern equipment and useful upgrades. The car is set to receive its release date very soon and till then just check out the review so you can get familiar with the specs about the car in more detail.

Price and release date

The car has been announced of recently and there have not been many specifications on when it might appear on the market. There are specifications that say that the longest we will have to wait is mid-year of the 2018. Around July or June is the best period when the Toyota Rush should surface and it is when we assume that the car will get an official release date. The great news about the price is that it is going to be a fairly cheaper SUV. This is one thint that the fans did not like about the previous versions so Toyota has decided to enable a downsized price this time. So a tag of 25,000 USD is expected to be the base price.

2018 Toyota Rush engine

The main thing about each car is of course its power output and the engine it incorporates. The 2018 Toyota Rush is not going to be a slouch on the track and a decent engine is used for its setup. Not only has the engine received good reviews for now it also has a very nice fuel economy rating for an SUV vehicle. Thus the engine matted under the hood is 1,5-liter a 4-cylinder engine which provides an output of 107 horsepower and 104 ib-ft of torque. There is a five-speed manual transmission added which enables the great EPA rating that the car has. It is measured at 31/34/33 mpg. The top speed is limited to 170 mph while the acceleration from 0 to 60 is attained in 11.5 seconds.


The exterior design of the 2018 Toyota Rush has been remodeled significantly and has received a great updated for this model year. The design of the car enables sturdy appearance, one which could only be measured with the performance of the vehicle. It has been made to be the most affordable car that it could be in order to keep the fans even happier. The changes that were incorporated are noticeable immediately up front. The design of the grille, for instance, is relatively smaller and has a normal mesh design with the Toyota logo matted at the front. The headlights now have a rounded rectangular shape and use LED features which substitute the traditional one which were also more expensive to use. The front damper is also extended and makes for a much more imposing look of the car.

The car is a safer one than before and it is all thanks to the metal body structure that has been used this time. It makes your ride not just a gentler one but also a safer one with various additions to enhance performance. The wheels have been changed as well and the Rush now has some 17-inch ones which also enhance the quality of the overall vehicle. The indicator lights are fitted inside the headlights and also some fog lights have been added as well. This accounts for much better lighting features and makes the entire car much useful and with the better design much more handsome.


On the inside it’s all comfort. The vehicle will be made as a much more comfort orientated car and it will provide much more convenience for the people inside. In order to make its SUV a competitive one on the market, Toyota has first of all enhanced some safety features, adding airbags rear parking sensor and anti-lock burglary system. They continue with the soft materials that are fitted all over the cabin.

Of course the seats are the ones that have been matted with some soft and comfortable fabrics while the wheel has been redesigned with leather upholstery as well. Comfort levels are through the roof and the feel is much brighter as well. And to enhance the infotainment abilities of the car the Rush uses 6.1-inch touchscreen, 6-speakers, Bluetooth, dual manual air conditioning as its standard equipment in the base level.

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