2018 Toyota Supra


2018 Toyota Supra – It appears that the newest Toyota Supra vehicle is going to appear a year later than it was firstly anticipated. The car was firstly presumed to be offered as a 2016 model but it appears that the production has taken a bit longer than it was firstly anticipated. The car is going to be offered as a 2018 model and will appear on the market by the end of the upcoming year.

We were really eager to see the car released as soon as possible but it appears that it was a bit unrealistic to expect the car on the market this year. So we will have to hold on for a bit linger and expect to see it next year. Nevertheless, the manufacturers are confirming that the production of a new car is going to surpass expectations so we do not mind waiting a bit longer if we are to get a more quality setup that way.


The car is going to be based on the Toyota F-1 concept vehicle that was already released at the previous Detroit Auto Show this year. Many people have awaited to see the actual Supra then but it happen that they actually managed to see a glimpse of it as the F-1 concept provided a very nice basis for the styling of the car and gave their makers a pretty good styling reference on how to construct the newest vehicle coming from the Japanese automaker.

2018 Toyota Supra exterior

As we already mentioned, the exterior of the 2018 Toyota Supra is largely going to be based on the Toyota F-1 concept car. This concept gave a great basis for the vehicle as it presented a masterful design that the car could come with. What was an initial aim here was to make the car largely aggressive and much more aerodynamic. This was achieved with the addition of some air intakes around the vehicle which bring a much more aggressive sporty look and an aerodynamic one as well. The hood is a bit longer that the previous model and accounts for the added technology which has been packed inside. Also the curvaceous look is also seen on the hood with the added creases on it as well.


The headlights have also been remodeled and feature an added LED element to them now which are an important addition to the style now. The reshaping of the front end has been done in great fashion and the vehicle was able to receive an appropriate updated style wise. All in all, shaping the car was done magnificently particularly when we consider what they had to go against with and we thing that taking the time with their release will not affect the popularity that the car might receive now.


In order to make a perfect car you need to combine a lot of inside conveniences and make it match with the outside design of the car. What needs to be done with the 2018 Toyota Supra is exactly that as it will make the popularity of the car larger and enable more people to come to this brand. As currently there are not a lot of specs about the car offered and there are only a few pictures that show us how the inside is going to look, we cannot completely comment whether the inside is going to be a spot on success.


As seen from the pics the inside is an appropriate one with a very nice setup that gives the necessary levels of luxury. What was announced is that the inside is going to feature more space which means that interior roominess and comfiness is going to get better. The car is also going to receive an appropriate technological update but that is exactly what is unknown for now. Yet expect a high end interior which a lot of additions to boost the overall appearance of the car.



The exact powertrain of the 2018 Toyota Supra was not confirmed. The F-1 concept had an inline-6 engine which was able to provide 518 horsepower but it is not certain if this engine gets to be used inside the Supra. Certainly not the base one but it may be offered as an additional trim or optional choice. What also makes it on the list of possible entries is a 4-cylindar V-6 engine that is able to provide more than 400 hp. As Toyota announced that the car will more than certainly break the magical mark of 400 hp with this car, look to the powertrain to be made in such a way to provide that. Rear wheel drive is already announced as a basic setup while there are talks of hybrid powertrain but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Price and release date


As we mentioned the release date was moved and the Toyota Supra is going to be released as a 2018 model. This means that till the end of the year we cannot possibly expect the new Supra to be released. But as a 2018 Toyota Supra it will be certainly available by the end of next year. An estimated pricing for now is somewhere at $45,000 base MSRP. With Nissan developing its latest car and the Stingray model already out, the Supra is going to be a very nice refresh for the segment when it gets to be released.

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