2018 Toyota Tacoma

2018 Toyota Tacoma Review

The rumors are true and Toyota is getting ready to release its updated 2018 Toyota Tacoma vehicle. As the previous models did not feature a complete overhaul and only included some minor updates to the car and even some inclusion with the engine trim, for instance the new diesel option that the last Tacoma receives, for he 2018 model year we will get to see a completely remodeled truck.

The update is going to be both aesthetic and in performance. The updated look is something that most people expect and is what will certainly going to happen with the outside of the car. Also the interior s going to suffer some changes that will make it an ultimately comfortable car. The best part is more power under the hood. Yes, we said it and it is something that the fans, maybe the only ting for some, that they wanted to hear. So let’s get this owner with and say it in the beginning that there is going to be a power update for the car.

The release date is not yet set. As we have a long ways to go until the car reaches its production version and as it really gets to be release we are in for a long waiting period. But the good thing is that we are going to see the 2018 Toyota Tacoma sooner than that as the official unveiling is scheduled at the next year’s Detroit Auto Show.

2018 Toyota Tacoma exterior redesign

The 2018 model of the Tacoma truck is going to go through a redesign. Although, the concept of the design is going to be loosely based on the design of the current model, it is going to be completely different than before. The new transformative style has been take from the current 4Runner car and the combination with the present Tacoma is going to born the new look for the future Tacoma truck. The car is not going o be entirely rugged as before and it is gong to be a bit restyled in that way but it is not going to lose its brawn as the restyling gives the fans what they want and what they have expected from a Tacoma car.

The changes include a new rad trapezoidal grille at the front and the new completely changed LED headlights. The new fender is added and there is going to be a color update. The new additions are also similar at the back as the same light technology is used. Also the updated is the same as with the front lights the same will be at the back. These is all added to complete the gear and greatly updated the complete look for the car.


The inside is also updated in a great manner. What will make the Toyota Tacoma be much comfortable for the 2018 model year is the fact that the seats are going to be much more comfortable. The upholsteries will use leather fine materials that are very good and very comfy and will complement the inferior of the car not just comfort wise but with its looks as well. The inside is going to be characterized with many metallic decorations that will define the entire inside of the car. There are also the added spherical air vents that are a new addition to the inside.

An interesting fact is that there is going to be a Go Pro camera matted to the windscreen with the additional of the usual normal vision gear. This is not only to updated the technology but add some pretty useful technology that the car receives and brings it to a much brighter future this way. The technological updated is continued with the newest infotainment system that includes a touch screen display that enables us to control the entire car. That way you have complete control and are totally aware what is going on with your tuck ride.

Engine Specs

The thing with the engine is that there are not confirmed information about it. As the Toyota Tacoma will be one of the more prized updates for the 2018 model year. The engine is a mystery and e cannot confirm nor say what the car is going to be capable with. There s surely going to be a power upgrade as theirs is the main thing that the fans expect and Toyota will deliver. But we cannot say how this is going to happen. One of the speculations are that the car is going to use a 5.0 liter engine and this premise is surely possible and necessary if we are going to have a more powerful engine, but the speculations are scarce and we cannot be sure what it is. It is best to wait a bit and see what the Tacoma ends up with at the end. The great thing is that they are going to deal with the fuel consumption a bit and we may expect some better performance that way as well.

2018 Toyota Tacoma Release Date and Price

The release date is still far away and we will need to wait a long time till the year of 2018. But we said that the car is going to make an appearance before that and the Detroit Auto Show is the best way to do it. Fans are going to get a glimpse of the new Toyota Tacoma for the 2018 model year and also get to see what is under the hood actually going to be, which is perhaps the most anticipated information that is necessary here. The price is going to be a bit similar than before, and we may expect it to be between 22,000 to 30,000 USD.

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