2018 Toyota Vios

2018 Toyota Vios Review

2018 Toyota Vios Release Date, Interior, Price, Specs – The Toyota Vios is a modern sub compact automobile developed by the Japanese car maker to be a traveling vehicle which can swoop in narrow streets and the ability to develop speed and have greater agility and not needing any other special functions. The car will get to see its 2018 model this year and it will be largely updated on the outside as well as on the inside, yet a new engine has not been tied to the release of the new Vios.

The new Vios may seem that it does not have cruel intentions so to say as its look may be perceived as a deceiving one, but we can assure you that it is quite fast and useful for any kind of a city drive. This vehicle will come out this year as a number ones from the Toyota lineup. This time the vehicle will be somewhat aesthetically upgraded and can be a great addition to the beautiful lineup of cars that Toyota is producing.

We are still short of the release date info as we are not sure when the car is going to make its debut. It is certain that the release is expected for the Asian market and that it will also hit the Philippines soon. But besides the info about the domestic release there is not much to go on it being released in Europe or US. The price is something that may be easily assumed on the other hand.

2018 Toyota Vios exterior

The impression is that the current Vios vehicle is already making good sales results ant that it is doing pretty good for itself. So the new 2018 is thought not to need any excessive updates. Yet the new additions for the car are quite subtle but are enough to make the car much bolder and good looking. Sometimes it is not necessary to provide big changes when some minor ones do the same for you. The look is updated so it can fit a more modern car and be a modern vehicle.

The changes that we immediately see are provided to the grille and the front lights. They go hand in hand with each other and are a perfect blend for this update of the vehicle. The lights will have the new LED technology as all of the new vehicles in the Toyota lineup and be much contemporary looking that before. In the back the taillight receive the same kind of treatment and are modernized to fit the spoiler which has also been a tad altered. The small alterations here and there result in a much better car which will bring a much younger audience for the vehicle.


The inside has been updated much more than the outside of the vehicle. This time the contemporary look of the inside has been achieved with an update which means enhancing the comfort and modernizing the inside overall. There is a new color scheme added and the car will have a mixture of Disable and Black which are the dominant colors of the new trim. There are some new materials added to the seats that are much softer and enhance the comfort. They or course match the car’s new color scheme and are a good addition to the overall inside look of the car.

But the car does not lack in technology as well as it has been updated in that sense as well by adding some new gadgets that will be a part of its base setup. USB connection, Bluetooth and LCD screen with navigation are the first additions the car has received and is the first step to modernize this vehicle. There is a new safety system added with airbags that provide a much softer support during possible crashes. The overall setup of the cabin is much better. There is a much better arrangement and the dash has been changed and makes much more sense now. SO this “user friendly” cabin also now provides much more space for the person driving the car as there is much more legroom to work with. There are also the G, E, J and S trim options of the Vios available.


There are two engine options that come available here. The first and base option of the 2018 Vios is the 1.5 L NZ-FE engine. It can produce specs of 109 HP at 6,000 rpm with an optimum torque of 141 Nm. It comes paired with a five-or six-speed transmission system option. The second option is a 1.8 L. which has 140 HP and torque of 173 Nm. It is a much more powerful option and will certainly be the choice for the younger audience that this vehicle is meant to attract now.

Release date and price

The release date has not been set as Toyota is going to release it in one market after the other We are certain that it is going to be hit the domestic market soon and will be first see in Japan. After that come the other Asian countries where this vehicle is already popular and we can hope that we can get a release date for the European and US market when all of this is finish. The price is actually no mystery as you will be able to have this car for an estimated figure of $20,500.

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