2018 Nissan IDx

There are many information that emerged about the 2018 Nissan IDx model being released soon. Many rumors have been circling the automotive industry about this car getting released in the future and it appears that we are close to it finally happening. The IDx model is going to be a Nissan flagship vehicle which will be an enticing new product that appears on the market.

The IDx appeared for the first time as a concept vehicle in 2013 at the Tokyo Auto show and it was the first glimpse that we managed to get about this car. The model combined some modern and some retro elements and presented a great whole and a wonderful design which also honors the legendary Datsun 510 vehicle. The car was also designed to rival such vehicles as the Hyundai Genesis coupe.

It appears that the concept vehicle has finally entered into its production stage and as many people have been expecting it soon, Nissan decided to take its time and make a better job with the production of the vehicle. All the elements are there and there is no doubt that the IDx is going to be a wanted car on the market as soon as it is released. We have provided some exclusive photos from the Paris show as well as some newly released pictures to help you see what the car is going to look like. The rest of the specs and news you can read about in the review below.

2018 Nissan IDx exterior

There is a good chance that much of the exterior elements of the IDx concept are going to be transferred to the 2018 Nissan IDx production vehicle. It was already a likable car when it was showcased in Paris and it showed some great craftsmanship features. This is why we assume that it is going to be hard to change the appearance of the concept as drastically to completely get a different production model. The vehicle is going to come with a set of modern features but will also include some retro details that are going to pay tribute to some older racers from the past. The one vehicle to which the IDx pays homage to is the Datsun 510 car and it will transfer some characteristic parts to its design. Additionally, there are some parts which are borrowed from the Subaru BRZ model as well.

What the car comes with exclusively is a likability to it. It is a very handsome sport like design that is going to attract a larger crowd of interested people. Nissan is not keeping it a secret that this vehicle is aimed to a younger and extrovert crowd of drivers who are going to enjoy this car very much. Not only the driving specs are going to be enough to make it likeable but its exterior design as well. Looking at the concept car you can see that it is a beauty and we expect some changes and perhaps different color patterns to appear when the car gets to be released for general use.


Inside the car the retro styling continues. The 2018 Nissan IDx is going to be a technologically savvy vehicle with a lot of modern elements but the look is a bit minimalistic and does come with a kind of a retro aura about it. This is particularly considered for the inside of the car where there are a lot of elements which are borrowed from the old racer type of vehicles. As you can see from the pictures of the released concept, it does have a certain interesting part about it that makes it cool. The color pattern and the combination of black, red and silver trims may be offered differently but this one actually looks cool as well. But perhaps the production model will come with different trims for the inside as well.

The technological upgrade is going to feature a lot of contemporary details and gadgets. A large touchscreen is going to be added to controls the better part of the car, while the Bluetooth connectivity, auto-dimming mirrors and a lot of other features come to enhance the already sound hi-tech inside of the car. Let’s not forget the rear view camera and many other safety additions that are going to enhance the ability of this car being completely safe for the drivers.


As for the engine of the car it may seem that there are going to be different variants available. There are many rumors out there and many solutions and it seems that the car could be offered with a 1.2 or 1.5 liter four-cylinder unit. But perhaps the most sound option and without a doubt the best one for the 2018 Nissan IDx car is the 1.6 liter engine which can develop 200 horsepower. The top speed of this engine is rated at 130 mph while it is able to accelerate to 0-60 mph in 7 seconds. The base and only transmission choice for all the engines, how many they prove to be at the end, is going to be the Continuously Variable Transmission system.

Price and release date

The release date is perhaps the most elusive information about the 2018 Nissan IDx and is still not certain when it may appear. As they have labeled it as a 2018 model it is certainly going to be available by that year and if everything goes well perhaps even earlier and we are hoping for at least the end of 2016. The price range for the car is expected to hit the 23.000 dollars mark. It may not be as big of a name as the Ford Torino for example, but it is an apt vehicle for the segment it competes in.

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