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2019 Bentley GT review

Rumors have been flying around on the internet about the new 2019 Bentley GT Speed. As can be seen from the heavily cladded prototypes, the new model seems to have some changes especially upfront. Below is our rendering of how the new model has been reworked.

But even before we get into the changes, let’s first talk about the nitty-gritties that make the marque such a great model. See, the Bentley Continental and all of its models offer all the sportiness and luxury one would want. And in addition to that tags a long array of endless customization possibilities. Those with a discerning taste will certainly find it as an ultra-luxurious and ultra-fast grand tourer.

The Bentley Continental is offered in various variants and this makes it easier for buyers to choose their preferred preferences as each comes bundled in a slightly different styling and design. The Bentley GT Speed nameplate continues to be the core model thanks to its performance and confident driving manners on the road. The previous GT Speed was powered by either a V8 or a W12 engine that send the powerful yet effortless power down to the four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission system.

The best overlying factor about the Bentley GT Speed is its easier drivability, it is such type of a car that one wouldn’t need special instructions to drive. Launched in 2003, the Continental GT has been a huge hit for both Volkswagen and Bentley. And hopefully the same successful streak will continue even with the arrival of the 3rd generation model – the 2019 Bentley GT Speed.

2019 Bentley GT Speed Exterior Design Changes

Although the prototypes are heavily cladded in heavy camo, our photographers still managed to take some clean shots as seen on the pictures. Just as Bentley downright admitted that the “the future direction of the Continental GT in terms of luxury and performance relies on the EXP 10 Speed 6”. As such, we expect much of the changes to take place on the rear fascia and wheels and the same for pretty much everything else.

In addition to the slight modifications, we still think that the color palette is also up for some changes. Previously, only three colors were added – Jetstream, Camel, and Marlin. We think more might be added to make the exterior look even more interesting.

2019 Bentley GT Speed Interior Changes

Just like the models that precede it, the 2019 Bentley GT Speed should be expected to be new and contemporary and should feature straight-fluting design patterns for the four seats. From what we can tell now, we think the Mulliner Driving Specification getting upgraded – the controls should now be all new, the steering wheel even sporty, and an even more diamond quilting pattern across the dashboard.

Furthermore, the driver instrument panel – for the sake of remaining contemporary and refreshed – should feature additional brightware elements such as new graphics. Some of the features we should however expect to return should include softer semi-aniline hide, Shortbread and Camel colors, and acres of Alcantara leather.

Previously, the Bentley Continental was available in five main versions ranging from the base GT model to the Supersports model. Although it’s quite early at this point for anyone to offer something reliable, we ourselves don’t expect much changes in terms of the trim setup save for either a deletion or addition of one or two.

Although the GT Speed is heavy, the adaptive suspension system helps it keep composed especially when taking turns. The power is smooth and effortless and we don’t this to change in 2019. Bentley may however start using even more weight-reducing materials to save on weight issues.

Another area that we think Bentley might improve on is on the in-car technology. The one’s currently in use are relatively analog and this makes it appear rather aged. Driver safety features should also be upgraded as the ones available on the current model aren’t that advanced.

2019 Bentley GT Speed Engine Specifications

The big news lies beneath the hood. There have been widespread reports that the new model will debut with a shortened version of the Porsche’s MSB platform that is expected to be featured on the Porsche Panamera. We assume Bentley will still continue using its V8 as that on the MSB platform is a V6. No word has been told of the bigger and badder 6L W12 engine yet.

Last year, the 6L twin-turbo W12 engine got a power and torque increase that saw it get 582 horsepower and 720 lbs. ft. of torque from 567 hp and 516 ft. of torque.

2019 Bentley GT Speed Price & Release Date

The current model goes for sale for around $193,500. We however expect the newer model to cost a tad bit more given the new features we expect it to feature. The release date is still miles away but we think the new model should be up for release sometime in September next year.


The 2019 Bentley GT Speed primary competition should arise from the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe and the Aston Martin DB11 Coupe. The Aston Martin – the James Bond car – represents the power and understatement like no other. It is stately English and its cabin is populated by swathes of luxury comforts, decorative stitching and fine leather. Its 12 cylinder engine easily gives out a whopping 600 horsepower. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class on the other end of the spectrum offers exceptional and serene ride quality, a choice of high-powered engines, effortless acceleration, eerily controlled handling, and a seemingly endless list of safety and comfort features.


When it comes to the new 2019 Bentley GT Speed, we think Bentley might in a way try to rock the boat a little bit more. It is an ageing but impressive option for anyone with deep pockets. Lots of the things we anticipate are still under veil but we’re hopeful Bentley will start pulling it off as time goes by. Things such as a new platform, tech-filled interior, and elegant styling should make it to the new model.

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