2019 BMW M3 Redesign, Price, Release Date

2019 BMW M3 review

If there is a car with a lot of badges, it’s the 2019 BMW M3. We are not alluding only to the one for 2019, but all the previous versions too. That’s because the BMW is well aware of the size of their fan base and they want to emphasize that the car you are looking at is the M class. This one, the newest one, will not be changed a lot when compared to the current one. The only changes we are going to see are on the front fascia, and we know that only because the BMW published a couple of pictures to promote their future release.

The M class is a legendary model and it means performance. It is in the production since 1985 which can look like a long period of time, and if we take a look at all the changes this model has passed through the years, everything sums up. The newest alteration is not that old. It is the model from 2014 or 2015 if you look at the model year. It went through the changes of chassis, style, and class. There are lots of different opinions and one thing is certain – it is a beautiful vehicle with great genes and it has its flaws. Are those flaws big enough to say it is not good?

What is The 2019 BMW M3 Release Date?

It is confirmed that the 2019 BMW M3 release date will be somewhere in the summer of 2018, most probably in July. The exact date and the schedule for different countries are not revealed to the public.

Is The 2019 BMW M3 Price Too High?

The 2019 BMW M3 Price will go from $64,000 to almost $91,000 for the entire package. The base price is with the Alpine White nonmetallic color and all stock options.

Additional Colors – $720

  • Austin Yellow Metallic
  • Yas Marina Blue Metallic
  • Sakhir Orange II Metallic
  • Mineral Grey Metallic
  • Silverstone Metallic
  • Mineral White Metallic

Apart from that, you could choose from a number of different packages in order to add a more sporty feel to your car.

Customizable Exterior Options

  • Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps – $1,050
  • Black Kidney Grille – $420
  • 19” wheels – $1,200
  • Moonroof – No additional charge
  • M PERFORMANCE PARTS – Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler – $580
  • Performance Black Kidney Grille – $346
  • Performance Carbon Fiber Mirror Caps – $930

Some parts will come as a part of the Lightning Package (Adaptive Full LED Lights and Automatic High Beams) which could cost you additional $1,900.

Those are basically only things you will be able to choose from on the exterior. Every other part is considered to be a custom made part and aftermarket products.

Interior options are going to impact the price the most. You will have your options offered as parts of packages like the Executive Package, Competition Package and a Driving Assistance Plus Package for additional $1,700.

Nothing New on The 2019 BMW M3 Exterior?

As far as we know, by the photos we have seen, every single detail on the 2019 BMW M3 exterior is going to stay the same. Everything except maybe the front grille and headlights which will have a subtle redesign. Everything else is the matter of your will. You can buy it as a stock and upgrade it later on. There are good aftermarket shops all around and you can do whatever you like. Only because there are no offers directly from the factory, you can get the new rear diffusers, carbon fiber trunk lids, spoilers, splitters, rims, and more. But, we think that there is no need for that.

The BMW M3 is made to look subtle and luxurious. It exists as a beautiful vehicle, but nothing that is going to attract too much attention. It has nice aerodynamic lines and a menacing look but it is, in the end, something that fits right into the casual everyday feel.

With aftermarket products or even performance package, you can add a bit of edginess. Rear spoiler and carbon fiber side mirrors could be good details to make it even more attractive. The carbon fiber roof also comes as stock and there will be some extra offers further into the year. The updated versions will come in August or September of 2018. But keep in mind that those versions (as rumored) don’t have anything new under the hood.

The Luxurious 2019 BMW M3 Interior

As we previously said the middle ground between the luxury and sport is the main objective here and the 2019 BMW M3 interior works in its favor. We are talking about sports leather and cloth seats, high definition infotainment screen, and more. Everything is organized through a couple of packages, which, naturally have some additional cost.

The stock equipped interior is equipped with cloth/leather combination with Carbon structure. It has some chrome accents on the dashboard and the black finish. You can pay additionally for Competition package ($4,750) and Executive package ($3,900).

Competition package brings Black Extended Merino Leather, Sakhir Orange or Black Extended Merino Leather and Silverstone Extended Merino Leather for $950 respectively. The Full Marino leather of the mentioned combinations will have to be paid somewhere about $3,600.

The Executive Package will bring some safety gadgets like Park Distance Control, Rearview camera, Wireless Charging and WiFi Hotspot, Full-color Head-up display and some unnecessary ones like heated steering wheel and retractable headlight washers.

Driving Assistance Plus Package will bring Active Driving Assistant, Blind spot detection, side and top view camera and speed limit info, all for $1,700.

The sum of all those packages will bring the total price to somewhere around $95,000.

The overall feel is satisfying, and it would be strange if it was the opposite situation, considering how high is the price of this car. It is very comfortable and enjoyable to drive, even during those long drives from home to work on Monday mornings. The everlasting feel of strength and luxury will give you that additional thrill when you decide to scroll through the three of its driving modes, comfort, Sport, and Sport+.

The only flaw of the interior could be some strange noise that comes from the back of the car, possibly from disc brakes or something connected to the wheels. It is not a malfunction but it can be annoying if it happens to you. It is a well-known problem, and maybe it is going to be handled with on the new 2019 BMW M3.

Will We Be Satisfied With the 2019 BMW M3 Engine?

The core of the 2019 BMW M3 engine is not going to change. At least those are the facts currently known to us. It is going to inherit the 3.0 liter straight six engine. The complete output will be somewhere around 431 hp which will, once again, bring this sporty sedan from 0-60 in exactly 3.9 seconds. The top speed will be electronically blocked, but we currently don’t know the exact value. It is going to be equipped with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission, with the option to get the manual. Manual will be there just because nobody wants to drive this performance sedan like some granny. Even if that manual means lower acceleration, we don’t care. We would like to feel every breath this vehicle has to offer and we want to feel it on every step it takes.

The optional Competition Package will get us some additional 30 horses so we could end up with 450 or 460 hp. With that kit, we will get the tuned up the adaptive suspension, the 20” alloy wheels, and a performance exhaust system which will get us some extra decibels.

Fuel economy on the 2019 BMW M3 will not be changed. That will not be a problem since this car has so much to offer and it is not meant for the middle class. The combined fuel consumption will be 20 mpg.

Fuel Consumption – 18 mpg city/ 27 mpg on a highway/ 22 mpg combined.

It has three different modes of driving. Comfort, Sport, and Sport+, but we don’t recommend the last one to everyone. You have to be an experienced driver in order to use it, and even so, you will need a proper track for that. There is too much power underneath that hood, and the rear wheel drive combined with that kind of power can cause a little bit of a trouble. The sport+ mode unleashes every atom of the 2019 BMW M3 strength and it turns off every electronically controlled element. You don’t have the big brother controlling the car, so you have to be careful.


This vehicle is a perfect car. It has its flaws, and some would say that it doesn’t have that performance sound. But, those people are only talking things, without actually trying the vehicle. As soon as it’s yours, there are no limits for your joy. You somehow fall in love at the vehicle and you enjoy every single second spent in it. Everything from handling to speed, acceleration, and luxury simply grow under your skin. It is not the perfect racing car and it is not the perfect luxury car. It is a perfectly balanced car and it has the best parts of both worlds. 2019 BMW M3 will be a continuation of a legendary car.

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