2019 Honda Odyssey – What Could We Possibly Expect From it

2019 Honda Odyssey review

Even with the newly launched Honda Odyssey for 2018 still smelling fresh and new, rumor has it that Honda is planning its next move – the 2019 Honda Odyssey! Rumor mills are suggesting that this new model slated for release next spring is set to undergo major redesign changes that are set to span most of its performance and design elements.

See, the Honda Odyssey is the most popular minivan in the United States for seven straight years running. But this success streak hasn’t been achieved overnight as Honda has been selling this van since ’95 and the newly launched model comes off as the fifth generation model. While the same basic functionality remains the same, the Odyssey has witnessed a lot of evolutionary improvements along the way.

For those starting out, the Odyssey offers three rows of spacious seating, sliding rear doors that ensure for smooth ingress and egress, and a voluptuous cargo area that can fit more than just anything. The latest improvements have brought about a boatload of new upgrades that include a cabin monitoring camera system and enhanced sliding of the second-row seats.

This is what John Mendel, Executive Vice President of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. had to say about the new Odyssey, “The proposed 2019 Honda Odyssey should raise the performance, technology, family friendliness, and technology stakes in the minivan segment. The new Odyssey just like the 2018 version should manage, in all aspects of its design, to keep every family member happy.”

In addition to the family friendliness, the 2019 Honda Odyssey should get you covered whether you’re fascinated with design or sophistication. The exterior should be adorned with modern styling elements. For improved fuel efficiency, the Odyssey should come with a bold and sporty front fascia that features a new and upgraded Active Shutter Grille element. At the rear, the LEDs and the hands-free power tailgate should also be slightly redesigned for even better functionality.

Inside, we should expect Honda to spare no effort in offering the new model high grade materials that include an upgraded 8” high resolution touchscreen interface, a full color TFT display, and high grade materials. Additionally, Honda has indicated its plans in making the cabin even quieter for its occupants by enabling features such as increased use of sound deadening materials, using triple door seals, and extensive use of standard Active Sound Control technology.

The 2019 Honda Odyssey just like its predecessors will have to face a stiff competition from other similarly competitive vehicles. One rival that stands tall in this arena is the Chrysler Pacifica – the Pacifica is a persuasive choice in the minivan category when it comes to styling, seating functionality, and fuel efficiency. Other rivals include the Kia Sedona and Nissan Quest.

Price Review & 2019 Honda Odyssey Released Date

As you’ve probably guessed it, no information exists as to when the Honda Odyssey 2019 will be released. Our best bet however is sometime in spring 2019. As for the price, the 2018 model comes with an asking price of $29,990 for the barebones LX model and that price rises to a lofty price point of $46,670.

2019 Honda Odyssey Exterior Features & Interior Modifications

All factors remaining constant, the new Honda Odyssey 2019 should come in a whopping six trim levels ranging from the bare-bones Odyssey LX model to the top rated Odyssey Elite model. Come next year, we don’t see Honda altering the way their three rows of seating function save for the small tweaks. What we can bet on however is Honda’s commitment to ensuring the model hauls people as comfortable as possible.

Just like its predecessors, the taunted model should return with even more comfortable and supportive seats. One thing that people like so much about the Odyssey is its smooth driving manners that guarantee passengers of being comfortable regardless of the hours spent driving in it.

Getting in and out is as simple as walking in and out of the door way. Easy ingress and egress is something that Honda does with stellar fashion. Technologies should get updated for next year for the purposes of keeping in sync with customers’ expectations. But even if the newly released model returns unchanged in terms of technologies, we’re sure most people will still be happy.

Should We Expect Changes For The 2019 Honda Odyssey Engine Output and Performance Specs

Changes to this crucial area aren’t expected to change much given the new generation Odyssey comes with an updated engine. As such, we should expect the new model to return with a 3.5L engine capable of producing 280 horsepower. In addition to the slight bump of power over the previous model which offered 32 horsepower less, the new mill also comes with better acceleration, passing and hill climbing features. As for the fuel economy, the 2019 Honda Odyssey shouldn’t deviate much from what is offered by the current model that returns 22 mpg in combined city and highway.

Advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies should be expected to be standard technologies at least judging from the offerings the new model offers. Some of these safety features should include road departure warning, lane keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, and collision mitigation braking system. Although IIHS and the NHTSA are yet to offer the safety ratings of the newly released model, we still expect a five star rating given the impressive features it’s received.


Minivans are perfect vehicles when it comes to moving people and their stuff. The styling of the Odyssey tries to avoid the minivan image. It has over the years become more interesting and evolutionary with the result being attracting swathes of loyal customers across the globe. Picking an Odyssey largely boils down to knowing the features that you can’t live without. Well, from our point of view, only two trim levels should be the focus – the Odyssey EX and the Odyssey Touring. On a limited budget, the EX should be the best option, but of course there’s the LX model. For those who can afford to spend a lot more should probably go with the Odyssey Touring model.

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