Honda Urban EV Announced for 2019

2019 Honda Urban EV

The Honda EV concept car is officially announced for 2019. The entire project revolves around two concept electric cars that look like Honda’s iconic cars. The “Urban EV” concept car that we are focusing on in this article, debuted during the 2017 International Motor Show in Germany and “Sports EV” concept debuted one month after that. Both cars have a revolutionary design and are something “special” that’s coming from Honda.

2019 Honda Urban EV Release Date

Unfortunately, the exact release date for this cute car is unknown. Honda is determined to bring it to the streets sometime in 2019.

Is it Too Early to Talk About 2019 Honda Urban EV Price?

Although this beautiful small hatchback EV is going to come out in 2019, the official price tags are still a corporate secret.

2019 Honda Urban EV Design

2019 Honda Urban EV left side

Honda EV concept car that is slowly becoming reality is one thing that proved that big surprises come in small packages. Honda actually built a completely new platform for this vehicle and it announces the things we can expect from Honda in the years to come.

The concept is a truly small, urban, electric car. But not like other EVs. Honda is trying to do something special with their design – to create their own mark in the world of EVs, just like Tesla did with their models.

It is a modern take to the old Honda N600 with those round headlights. It is adorable! The design itself is also an homage to the old, first-generation Honda Civic and some even older models since it has suicide doors (they were last used on the Ford Thunderbird in 1971).

Why Europe?

The President, Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director of Honda Motor CO. Takahiro Hachigo said that Europe is the right market for EVs, “Here in Europe, we see this move towards electrification gathering pace at an even higher rate than elsewhere”.

2019 Honda Urban EV Exterior

The grille actually has a very interesting design. Between those beautifully illuminated headlights, you have a battery indicator and a message board. You can write different messages on the grille and say (preferably) something nice to the person in front of you. The overall length is four inches shorter than the Honda Fit which makes it a perfect car for an urban environment.

Down the sides of the vehicle, there are hidden cameras that are projecting images to the inside of the doors which actually have a function of some modern, high-tech side mirrors.

The Interior of The 2019 Honda Urban EV

2019 Honda Urban EV interior

The Honda Urban EV is a small four-seat hatchback that will most likely be a favorite at the European markets, however, that compact design could also find its way to the U.S. buyers. Later down the line. And it will officially be the first mass-produced fully electric vehicle sold in Europe.

Four passengers will sit comfortably on two benches and enjoy the view of the massive screen, mounted on the dashboard, helped with those two smaller screens on each of the doors. The steering wheel is (at least according to the concept) going to be a rectangular one, surrounded with grey-fabric upholstery and wood trim. The “helping hand” for all the passengers will come in the “shape” of Honda’s Automated Network Assistant. This little “guy” will learn about the habits of all the passengers and even… read their emotions…

Honda Automated Network Assistant

This system is not only an automated self-driving system. It is a system that is so smart that it is scary. Think Siri for cars but way smarter.

This system is called “Hana” and it will be available for most cars coming from Honda. It is a part of the new Honda NeuV (very small car). And her main strength is based on her ability to learn from your facial expressions and habits.

“Hana” will come with your car totally empty. It will begin learning as soon as it first sees you through its interior camera and sensors. “Hana” will learn about your routes, destinations, stops, habits, time and distance of every trip, etc. It will even use the data you have on your driving license to determine your experience level.

Using all that data, “Hana” will know which music to play based on your emotions, plan the route based on your calendar and the schedule, buy coffee and snacks on your usual pit-stops, and even completely take over the car and continue driving if you are too stressed.

2019 Honda Urban EV rear

It Will Be Able To Earn Some Money For You!

It is very interesting that 2019 Honda Urban EV is (allegedly) going to have an option to earn money for you while you are working. It will try to save some energy while driving you to work and start acting as a “rent-a-drive” while you are at work. Sure, the system needs some adjustments and new laws need to be created in order to protect that kind of service, but it is possible. It would act as an automated taxi service (some kind of advanced “uber”). It would work for you, re-charge, and come back to your work to “pick you up”.

All of this sounds like it was taken from some science fiction novel, but believe me, it is going to be our future!

And What About 2019 Honda Urban EV Engine Specs?

You would think that something like this (that has been announced for the next year), already has engine specs floating around the Internet. But that is not correct. There is no credible info about that, however, a source from Honda said that we should expect the range of 155 miles (250km). Any other engine-specific info is still unknown. However, we are certain that Honda has done a lot with this car. Their EVs and Hybrids have fallen behind their rivals even though they were the pioneers in EV industry. This should be the fresh start for them.

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