Should You Wait For The 2019/2020 Subaru WRX?

2019-2020 Subaru review

The most lingering question perhaps for anyone thinking of buying the newly released 2019 Subaru WRX is whether or not they should buy it or wait for the taunted 2019/2020 model. Well, according to Subaru, the newly released models are by far the best examples they ever built and offer one of the best handling in the industry. The two models come with unique performance features such as LED Steering Responsive Headlights, larger cross-drilled rotors for the Brembo brakes, Recaro performance seats, new 19-inch wheels, and revised suspension tuning. These upgrades should certainly lead to better performance.

Word out there has it that Subaru is planning a boatload of additional upgrades for the new model as well. But even as we mumble around the features that we should expect for the 2020 versions, the 2018 WRX/STI models still remain the best performance vehicles. So for people who’re so desperate to get their hands on the 2018 models, our best advice is just to go ahead and grab one especially now that production has been limited to a couple of hundred units.

Some of the 2019 Subaru WRX/STI features that have already been leaked to this end include a new power plant, a new SGP, and an improved overall performance. But until then, you should still find the new features on the newly released model interesting.

The new Subaru WRX for 2018 has been taunted by some of the industry’s experts as being one of the best handling and swiftest compact cars a sport car enthusiast can wish for. While you can grin about its inability to keep quiet or staying comfortable inside you’ll without a doubt find its price tag and easy driving manners attractive.

Talks have been floating around on the kind of engine the new model for 2019/2020 will boast of. If we said we had a hint of the kind of engine to expect we’d for sure be lying as it’s anyone guess for now. Currently, both the 2018 Subaru WRX and the high performance version return with the carry over engine that inspired the outgoing model. The engine is a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that Subaru says (and we agree) has been tweaked to offer nothing short of a spirited performance and a decent level of fuel thriftiness.

The WRX version’s engine mill offers an estimated 268 hp and returns 23 mpg for combined city/highway cruising. Those excited every time the pedal meets the metal will probably find the performance rated STI model even more amusing as it wrings out a whopping 305 horsepower. As you’d have guessed however, more power always equates to a thirstier engine. And so in this case EPA says we should expect a 19 mpg fuel rating for the Subaru STI 2018 – small price to pay, right?

2019 Subaru WRX Price Review & Date For Release

It’s quite early for anyone to start talking of its release date at the moment as details are still masked by Subaru. But all indications are that the vehicle is set for a possible September 2019 release date. As for the price, the 2019 Subaru WRX hatchback MSRP should start not less than that of the current model which is valued at $28K.

Exterior & Interior Features – 2019 Subaru WRX

Well, with the incredible speed comes safety concerns. Has Subaru got you covered? Of course Yes! Here’s what it offers as a standard feature or as an option: automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and blind spot monitoring. Convenience features include navigation and driver aids, smartphone app integration, a choice of two multimedia systems, and seamless integration between your smartphone and the infotainment system. And those great features to excellent visibility, spacious cabin, and a comfortable seating and you’ll quickly agree that the Subaru WRX is a pragmatic daily driver and a dependable car for your family. Subaru is yet to mention any of the exterior changes to expect. Changes will be updated here as and when they happen.

As already told above, the 2018 Subaru WRX/STI aren’t for the ‘faint hearted’ as they can be raucous cars. The noise levels alone should be enough to make a sane person run insane in a matter of seconds. The STI – the performance rated version is particularly unforgiving in this respect and spares no effort to make your life inside of it unbearable. But hey, these two are sport icons and are loved for the value they offer.

Competition on the track is also as brutal as that on the mainstream arena that features sedans and SUVs. Here, the 2019 Subaru WRX should expect fierce battle for sales from the Volkswagen GTI, and the Ford Focus ST.

2019 Subaru WRX Engine Output & Performance Specs

As already told before, much of what the 2019 Subaru WRX offers is still treated like a NASA’s secret op. What we do however know is that Subaru is working towards improving the power and performance features in overall. The current model continues to be inspired by the 268 horsepower – 2.0L Boxer engine that is also credit of offering 258 lbs. ft. of torque.

0-60 mph is estimated at the 5- and 6 second range while the top speed should be somewhere at the 155 mph mark.

What We Think

In conclusion, the WRX/STI duo get useful changes for the 2018 model year and more are set to come for the 2019/2020 model. These changes span from upgraded suspension tuning and better padded seats to sound-deafening materials. Although we were quite critiquing of the noise levels inside the Subaru, we must acknowledge the fact that Subaru has made quite commendable efforts in trying to reduce the levels by fitting the new model with features such as thicker seals, glass, and insulation.

We Recommend

Given all options for the 2018 model, we would right away go with the WRX Limited model. It’s pretty obvious that most people would dream to get the WRX STI. Well, our grips with the high-rated model is its unforgiving suspension limit and high-strung manner that limit its overall appeal. Although the Premium model saves you a few hundred bucks, moving to the WRX Limited gets you features such as adaptive LED headlights, a 10-way adjustable driver seat, and a boatload of options that include driver safety and navigation features.

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