Is This The New Lada Niva?

40 years after the first Lada Niva came out of the production line we get to see its successor. (Probably…) And we got to see it a couple of days ago at this year’s Auto Show in Moscow (August 29 – September 9.) And if we may notice, this auto show brought us a number of interesting debuts.

After the new luxurious Russian limousine that is extremely similar to Rolls-Royce and a crossover-coupe Renault Arkana, the officials presented the crowd with a new designer study of a small terrain vehicle dubbed Lada 4×4 Vision.

Nobody confirmed that this vehicle is actually a successor of a legendary Niva, however, that is more than obvious. This will be a production version for the new terrain vehicle. It will go through a couple of changes (stylistic and mechanic) but this will be the future of the new Lada 4×4 Vision. There is no other explanation. Lada’s father company AvtoVAZ that functions under the Renault decided to seize all their exports to France, The U.K., Netherlands, Sweden and the like several years ago. They did that because Lada Niva does not meet all the emission requirements in those countries. However, Lada still sells vehicles in 34 other countries.

Lada Niva 4×4 Vision Release Date

new lada niva front

Even though this has been the biggest surprise of the Moscow Auto Show, this is only a concept car and Lada Niva 4×4 Vision’s release date has not been officially determined. A debut of a serial model is expected for 2021. You can expect some changes, but nothing radical.

What Will be The Price of The New Lada Niva?

It is too early to talk about the price of the new Lada Niva. However, if all the predictions and rumors turn out to be true, the production model is going to be more expensive than the Duster. But, if Renault comes in and orders a complete “copy-paste” from Dacia Duster, the prices will also be similar. Either way, the new Lada Niva is not going to be as affordable as the current model. So say “bye bye” to your affordable crossover.

2018 Lada Niva Design is Nothing New

new lada niva exterior design

Some time at the end of 2016, a Russian portal “Kolesa” published a set of images with a vehicle that is extremely similar to what we got to see in the last few days. As the authors of the 2016 article first stated, the new Lada Niva should pull most of its parts from Dacia Duster and should also be affordable for everyone. However, the story changed in 2017 when they added a new info. They said that AvtoVaz dropped all the negotiations with the Renault and decided to work on the design and the performance of the new Lada Niva 4×4 without their help. A Russian designer, Denis Poniatov sent them spy shots and said that the vehicle should debut in 2018.

And here we are in 2018 with the new Lada Niva (Vision). It looks almost the same as the model from 2016.

The company’s chief designer, Steve Mattin, says that the design isn’t meant to be a direct replacement for the current 4×4, but what about those rumors from 2016? Are we supposed to forget about them?

Are we supposed to miss all the similarities the 4×4 has with this “concept”? The vertical front end and the clamshell hood, as well as the “eyebrow” lights above the main headlights which are a nod for the current generation of Lada Niva, are just some of the cues that this is Niva. The entire Lada Vision is covered with x-style design features inspired by the company’s popular X-Ray SUV. LED headlights, taillights, front grille, and the majority of the interior details are all x-shaped. Steve Mattin was really serious with this X-shape design.

Another very interesting detail about this off-roader is that it looks like a 3-door vehicle just like the iconic Lada Niva but it isn’t. The concept is actually a five-door with the “rear pair hinged at the back to help hide them.” The SUV seats comfortably on 21″ wheels that make it even higher than the old Lada Niva.

Lada 4×4 Vision Will be Built on a New Platform

new lada niva rear

Not all the rumors from 2016 were false. Lada 4×4 Vision will be built on a new platform which will be based on a platform built for Dacia Duster. It will have a completely new steering system, a number of electronic systems, and a modified suspension.

The transmission system is going to be internally developed with the implementation of the AWD just as on the original model.

We’ll update this article if something new comes out from this story.

new lada niva dashboard

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