The 2019 Aston Martin DBX Is Now Called “Varekai” and It is Allegedly Abandoning Electricity

The UK’s famous automaker, Aston Martin, is determined to start the production of their SUV previously known as Aston Martin DBX and now dubbed with a very strange name, “Aston Martin Varekai”. The chances are, this new model is going to hit the streets in 2019.

Ever since Andy Palmer joined Aston Martin, just over 4 years ago, Aston Martin has been on the road of creating their first SUV. That slowly led to first rumors, and the Aston Martin DBX concept slowly emerged from all that chatter.

Why The New SUV?

2019 Aston Martin SUV Varekai exterior

Aston Martin is known for sport luxurious vehicles. Aston Martin hasn’t had any SUVs in their model lineup. However, the “overlords” in the company noticed that the vast majority of the western world and Chinese markets really adore SUVs. Why wouldn’t they decide to grab that opportunity and take the bite of that “cake”? That is why the company president and CEO Andy Palmer made a decision to develop and produce the new 2019 Aston Martin DBX Varekai. According to Andy, this SUV would have slim chances of ending up on the “table” if not for the Chinese market.

The Chinese market is of great importance. You can’t neglect that. That is the biggest and most diverse market in the world. That is the market in which you can simply count on success. And Aston Martin is not like other companies. They have been making cars for a special breed of customers that have both, the special taste for luxurious and exotic machines and a wallet thick enough to afford such a luxury. They found that in China. That is why they are trying to use that moment.

The Local Talent

Apart from just investing in the production, Aston Martin is finding and using the local talent in China. They have people on the ground that knows the pulse of Chinese customers and they are even launching a partnership with the College of Design and innovation at Shanghai’s Tongji University. They will help them with color trends in the Chinese Market.

2019 Aston Martin Design Will Not Use the “Shared Technology” With Mercedes-Benz

The theory of a shared technology came from the fact that there is an agreement between the two companies about technology sharing. And since this is the first ever SUV project for Aston Martin, everyone assumed that this will be the case. It is easier and it would be a Win-Win scenario. However, President and CEO Dr. Andy Palmer had to disagree.

According to Palmer, Aston Martin DBX is going to share its architecture platform that has already been used for Aston’s sports cars. It will be a stretched (and a little bit changed) version of the Aston Martin DB11’s bonded aluminum architecture. That bonded alloy structure will be lighter and stronger than any other welded aluminum chassis. That kind of an architecture has already been tested on aircraft.

And, even though we do know this, we have no idea about the rest of the design. IT will allegedly be roomier inside than a Porsche Cayenne. It will be built and assembled in a decommissioned RAF aircraft hangar. We are not even sure if it is going to look like the concept car…

2019 Aston Martin DBX Varekai rendering
2019 Aston Martin DBX Varekai – rendering

2019 Aston Martin DBX Engine

Since April of 2018, Aston Martin’s officials have been clearly saying that they are stepping away from plans to offer the 2019 Aston Martin DBX with electric, plug-hybrid, or diesel options. They simply don’t see a point in making any “diesel” version. This (probably) means that this 2019 Aston Martin Varekai will carry the 5.2-liter bi-turbo V12 powertrain (or the 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 if they decide to borrow anything from Mercedes).

Earlier reports (based on the concept EV version) suggested that 2019 Aston Martin DBX will probably go full-EV, but chances are slim for that kind of a future right now. Andy Palmer said that “plug-in” hybrids are “a convenient stepping stone”, but that it’s not the one they really need right now.

2019 Aston Martin DBX Release Date

According to latest rumors, the 2019 Aston Martin DBX will be produced at the company’s new factory in St. Athan, Wales (former RAF aircraft hangar). The first units are expected to hit the dealers in late 2019 or (extremely) early 2020.

What in the World is Varekai?

Well, if this name seems odd, just look at it as a logical continuation of using names that start with V (Vanquish, Virage, Vantage, Varekai). And if you are asking yourself about the origin of this nametag, simple Google search told us that it has two meanings.

“Varekai” was a Cirque du Soleil touring production, premiered in April 2002, in Montreal. In the Romani language, it means “wherever”. And strangely, this acrobatic show used to begin with the Greek Myth of Icarus, but continuing where the myth ended, with the fate of Icarus, after his wings had burned and melted.

The second one is a simple variation of a Quebec’s dialect. It allegedly means “Cool, very skillful, awesome”.

We will update this article as soon as some new info creeps out from the darkness of corporate secrets.