2019 Ram 1500

The 2019 Ram 1500 is going to be the new redesigned version of the generation that was introduced in 2009. And since this model is one of the best selling models in the United States, we think that Chrysler is not going to leave anything to the chance. They are probably doing their best to introduce new things and improve everything that has been good so far. When we talk about the new things, we have some spy photos which will show you some of the new details on the brand new grille, and super secret photos of a new dashboard directly from the production line.

2019 Ram 1500 Release Date

Since we have already started seeing the almost stripped prototype of the 2019 Ram 1500 we are assuming that it’s near the production version. That means that we are probably going to see the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 during the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, next month. The release date is going to be revealed during the Auto Show and it is probably going to be a summer or autumn 2018 release.

2019 Ram 1500 Price

Since the 2019 Ram 1500 price will depend greatly on a model you choose the pricing will start somewhere around the $46,000, just like with this year’s model. However, there are some talks about the use of new materials, including the aluminum and carbon fiber, and all to make the car lighter and trim down the fuel consumption.

2019 Ram 1500 Exterior

The biggest changes are coming to the 2019 Ram 1500 exterior, judging by the newest spy photos. Since the vehicle already lost some of its camouflage we are now able to take a good look at its all-new grille. The biggest change is that it has completely lost its crosshair. It is the all-new black grille that looks beautiful on it.

That grille appears to be some version of the grille we have already seen in some earlier photos. It looks like a more elegant version than what we can see on the current versions of the vehicle.

However, we do think that there are going to be different versions of this grille with different models, just like it is a case with the current 2018 model. Other details are obscured by the camouflage patterns. It does look like it is a longer version and it has a lot of glass surfaces. We couldn’t see anything around the tailgate since it was completely covered but we are assuming that there are some changes on the on the tailgate and taillights area. We are going to find out more about the 2019 Ram 1500 exterior as soon as it is revealed during the 2018 Detroit Auto Show.

2019 Ram 1500 Interior Spy Photos

Last month’s spy photos show some pretty interesting details about the 2019 Ram 1500 interior. As we could see, the new interior offers a central control unit which is comparable in size with the one Tesla has. However, the “inside man” from the factory allegedly leaked the real dashboard that resembles the one we had the opportunity to see on some spy photos. However, that huge screen is not the on that matches. However, when we look at those two photos, we can see that both dashboards have the same rotary gear selector, the latest version of Fiat Chrysler’s UConnect Infotainment system and other small redesigned details. As you can see from the pictures, the one from the factory features the same 8.4 inch UConnect Screen that we can see on other FCA products like the Jeep Wrangler JL and Dodge Challenger. Of course, we can expect some smaller screens on lower trim versions.

2019 Ram 1500 Engine Specs

The 2019 Ram 1500 engine lineup is probably going to resemble the previous models. When we look at the previous RAM engines, we can see that almost all of them have been HEMI powertrains. That is why we believed our spies when they started claiming that 2019 Ram 1500 has V6 and V8 versions on its table. That means that we can expect, both 5.7 liter V8 and 3.6 V6. The 3.0 liter V6 is still under the question mark because of the current legal proceedings because of a possible cheater software in the Jeep Grand Cherokee and RAM models.

Whatever engine they decide to install, the transmission for it is going to be the 8-speed automatic gearbox that we have already seen in some of the previous models.

We are expecting the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 to make its debut at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit which will take place in January 2018. However, after the newest spy photos of the interior and the Red and Black details on the dashboard, we wouldn’t be surprised if they debut the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel model alongside the regular Ram.