2018 Rolls Royce SUV

The latest news coming out of Rolls Royce is that they are preparing to produce their own SUV car, and it appears that it is going to come to us as a 2018 Rolls Royce SUV. The British automaker is initially popular for the production of its luxury line of vehicle but never have they manage to come out with an SUV car which is perhaps going to be a new flagship model that is going to be produced for the company.

Initially the idea of a Rolls Royce SUV came as something which was not regarded as seriously as it would actually end up being. The idea was made a long time ago when the project was in its infant stage. At first there were only a number of plans and assumptions being made with drawings and some potential measurements being made. There was no word on any official dimensions being made nor any other news about it. In 2015 it was revealed that Rolls Royce is actually nearing tis finishing stage of making a vehicle which is going to trample to various different kinds of terrains.


Rolls Royce may not seem as an experienced company which is tied with producing SUV vehicles and may not be regarded at first as someone who can produce something as such. But if we look back we can remember that they managed to produce vehicle which competed at the Scottish Reliability Trials and the Alpine Trials, respectively. The upcoming 2018 Rolls Royce SUV may provide to be a dark horse as a late entry and may surprise everyone in the end. The vehicle is also supposed to challenge the latest Bentley Bentayga as they are both scheduled to appear in 2018. Now without further ado, here is the whole review which has all the latest information regarding this release.

2018 Rolls Royce SUV exterior

As the 2018 Rolls Royce SUV is the company’s first venture inside the SUV are of car production, we do not expect an initially revolutionary design. It may get to be spectacular looking, but otherwise we assume it does not pose any ground breaking manufacturing this time. It appears that the car is going to go for a familiar look as they get to transfer some of the design cues and parts from their Phantom vehicle. It is going to receive the same massive grille which is going to dominate the front of the car while the headlamps are going to have the same slim-like design which is seen on the Ghost car. But everything below the grille is going to adopt a different kind of a configuration. The part below is going to be new and is going to adopt a sort’s look which is going to consist from a large bumper and an obligatory skid plate.


The rear part of the 2018 Rolls Royce SUV vehicle is going to sport a completely new look. Here they plan to do something which was not yet seen on a Rolls Royce vehicle before. What they are going to do here is to incorporate a wagon-like design a tailgate and roofline which adopt wagon-like features. The tailgates are going to have a horizontal design and a slightly upswept bumper. The later part of the design is going to allow more underbelly protection and some large exhaust pipes are also going to be added as well. The same clean design of any SUV vehicle is going to dominate the profile just below the waistline and the ride is going to be posited higher, especially because of the 22-inch wheels that are going to be added.


Perhaps it is a bit early to talk about the interior of the 2018 Rolls Royce SUV, but as it is shaping up quite nicely it might get to be one of the advantages of this car like it is the case with any other Rolls Royce cars. The inside may get to borrow some details from the Wraith vehicle but it is going to be made like any other Rolls Royce in the roster. The seats are going to be covered with eh finest Alcantara leather available and are going to combine with wood veneers and aluminum which are going to shape the inside very nicely. The interior is going to be made highly customizable with many additions available for the dashboard and the entire interior for that matter.


With the customizable option there are going to be many optionally available colors and various other additions made. This Rolls Royce SUV is going to make some segment leading roominess and also make the cabin very quiet and all in all comfortable. The back seat area is going to be made as a luxury lounge as the British people enjoy spending most of the time at the back rather than in the front seat, so we can assume that the back side is going to add more roominess and comfort than other parts of the car.



From now till production a lot of things may change, especially with the engine of the 2018 Rolls Royce SUV. It is assumed that the bottom line will come to a V-12 type of an engine and most people target the twin-turbo, 6.6-liter mill found inside the latest Ghost car to be the primary choice when it comes to the engine setup for this car. The current engine may go through an update before being added here but the transmission system is certainly going to be the eight-speed, ZF automatic transmission. Production levels are going to amount to around 600 horsepower and 600 pound-feet, which is going to place this vehicle just after the Rolls Royce Wraith as the second most powerful vehicle in the Rolls Royce lineup. It also may happen that a hybrid drivetrain makes it inside the car for the first time as many of the competing vehicles come with one, so this is the most solid case in terms of using a hybrid operated drivetrain.

Price and release date


The current Bentley Bentayga car takes the first spot as the world’s most expensive vehicle and the Lamborghini Urus model is quite up there as well, but it appears it may lose that position after the release of the 2018 Rolls Royce SUV. It has been announced that this car may prove to be more expensive than the Ghost car, which is priced at $250,000, making the newest Rolls Royce SUV with a price of around $350,000. The release date is still at least a year away and it may be offered in the middle part of 2018.

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